Envision Video Services, an experienced video and photography provider, offers an affordable VHS digital conversion service for old home videos. Individuals and families can now convert family videos and photography into modern formats that are easy to play and share. 


Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, September 5, 2023—¬†Envision Video Services is proud to offer an affordable VHS to digital conversion for old home videos. Customers can easily convert film reels, tapes and photographs to make them accessible using modern equipment like phones, computers and TVs.

The company plans to use this video transfer service to help families preserve old memories for future generations. This aligns with Envision’s mission of using photography to strengthen family ties by assisting them to re-experience past moments in an accessible way.

“Digitized videos and films can be stored on various digital devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and external hard drives. This makes it incredibly convenient for family members and friends to access and view these memories whenever they want, without requiring specialized equipment like old projectors or VCRs,” said Ellen Meyerson, Media Transfer Technician at Envision. 

Envision Video Services also seeks to rescue videos that are degrading due to the rarity of use, which leads to the deterioration of the video or photography quality. These videos may eventually become harder to retrieve when you consider the high photography technology innovation the world is currently experiencing. Families that convert VHS to digital ensure the content remains intact and can be easily shared and enjoyed without risk of deterioration.

Envision Video Services developed this product to celebrate the company’s family culture, where instilling family values tie in with the company’s close-knit staff. The company’s humble beginnings were exhibited in a flash drive with footage that Pete had to convert 8mm film to digital from an old VCR tape recorded in 2005.

“Once your old home videos are digitized, Envision Video Services team use video editing software to enhance the quality, fix imperfections, and add captions, music, or special effects. This creative aspect can make the videos even more enjoyable to watch and help breathe new life into the memories captured,” said Pete Gallo, Envision’s Business Owner and Director of Digital Media. 

About Envision Video Services:

Envision Video Services is a highly-rated video & editing services provider started in 2005 by Pete Gallo. The business has grown from Pete’s home in Hasbrouck to the three branches the company now has (including Kenvil and Mahwah in New Jersey).

Pete attributes the company’s success to his staff’s passion for preserving memories. They skillfully digitize aging film reels, VHS tapes, and photographs, ensuring their longevity and accessibility for future generations. Their expertise lies in converting these memories to digital formats and enhancing and editing the content, bringing new life to faded visuals.

Contact Information:

Organization: Envision Video Services

Contact Name: Pete Gallo

Contact Address: 224 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604

Phone number: 201-288-7228

Website: https://envisionvideoservices.com/