Kottakkal, India, 3 June 2020 – There are tons of SEO Agencies in the market that offer a wide range of SEO services. Most of the agencies are focusing on building backlinks for their clients.

However, Google and other search engines are becoming smarter daily, and these agencies will soon find it hard to trick the search engines by showcasing paid links as natural.

The clients who approach these SEO agencies are skeptical about the results. But there are very few options available to them, mainly due to their lack of in-house SEO expertise.

Businesses can do a majority of the SEO fulfillment that is currently undertaken by the agencies if they provide essential training to their in-house talents.

“Much misinformation has been spreading about the intricacies of SEO and the expertise required for achieving quantifiable results. This has forced businesses to think that SEO is a hard nut to crack, and it requires top-notch expertise,” says Jayasree D, Co-Founder of EnRanker.

In reality, most of the SEO agencies rely on freshers, trainees, and interns to fulfill orders of small and medium businesses. This makes sure that these agencies get significant margins and better ROI, she added.

There are these top SEO agencies that provide services in a premium price tag. However, the insider story of these agencies is seldom talked about.

Jayasree also says, “Most of the so-called SEO agencies get bigger cuts by assigning the SEO fulfillment task to White Label SEO agencies in India and other countries with cheaper skilled resources. Since the root is rotten, so are the stems. These White Label SEO agencies get the work done by even cheaper resources with minimal industry experience.”

“The links built are usually through Private Blog Networks (PBN) or from sites that survive just by publishing guest blogs. Both these are time bombs ready to explode when Google launches the next algorithm update,” she added.

When it comes to premium or enterprise clients, these SEO agencies strive to use experienced resources as their monthly retainer package cannot be put in a seesaw. 

In reality, a majority of the SEO agencies out there are selling packages that by itself, are spammy. Websites that provide guest posting services are in straight violation of the common sense rule of search engines. “Don’t Buy Links.”

However, the grey hat SEO methods are still able to survive, and we don’t know until when Google will tolerate this.

If you are spending $1000 on building backlinks, you may be paying for SEO optimization efforts that can eventually put your website at grave risk.

EnRanker believes in empowering businesses and helping them to bridge the gap between their target audience by doing in-depth audience research and crafting a customized SEO solution that is rooted in brand recognition and trust-building.

Would you believe if anyone said, you have the power to rank your business and not some SEO agency that thinks of burning a hole in your pocket? Yes. You can if you have the right Search Engine Optimization consultants by your side.

This is why you need a trusted partner who can provide you and your employees essential training in SEO. EnRanker will not dilute the strategies based on the amount you pay. Nor do EnRanker bind you under any contract.

That’s why EnRanker is offering free SEO consulting for all our clients with absolutely $0 charged for the first sitting. Our users can opt-in for recurring SEO consultation service only if they are satisfied with the analysis and reports created for them during and after the free SEO consultation call.

Who Benefits from SEO Consultation? 

  • Businesses that are regularly spending on SEO services provided by agencies
  • Businesses with an in-house marketing team that needs skill upliftment
  • Agencies that still follow the old SEO practices
  • Digital Marketers and SEOs who want to learn new-age strategies
  • CXOs Who are Confused Whether to Invest in SEO

What Will You Learn?

  • Optimize Webpages without the Help of an Agency
  • Find Keywords to Rank
  • Build Natural Backlinks
  • How to Buy Worthy Backlinks
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Recover Lost Organic Traffic
  • Recover from Google Penalty
  • Recover from Algorithm Update Impact

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