Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning, and air conditioning and heating system repair, maintenance and installation company based in Newark, Delaware, offers an entire range of spring tune-up services to prepare air conditioning systems for the coming hot weather of summer.


Newark, DE, March 13, 2020 – It may not feel like it now, but the warm weather of summer is just around the corner. And with the warmer weather, it’s the time of year to start thinking about your air conditioning system. Enhanced Heating and Air has years of experience tuning air conditioning systems, so that when the heat hits, you stay cool.

Your air conditioning system is vital to keeping your house cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. But you can’t just hope it’s there when you need it. An air conditioning system needs to be serviced regularly by a professional air conditioning service provider. Enhanced Heating and Air maintain the effectiveness of your system so that it runs efficiently when you need it.

Enhanced HVAC provides a full line of air conditioning services to help increase the reliability and longevity of your system. They can perform a whole range of seasonal maintenance services, including changing the air filters, cleaning the indoor and outdoor components of the system, and adding refrigerant.

And, if your air conditioner breaks down, the air conditioning repair experts at Enhanced Heating and Air can handle all Newark DE AC repair, both big and small, including troubleshooting air conditioning systems, replacing coils, condenser fans, and air handlers, and relocating outdoor units.

Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning offers same day service in Delaware and in the neighboring areas of Cecil County Maryland, Elkton, and Delaware County Pennsylvania. And they specialize not only in residential, but also in commercial properties.

Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning knows how miserable it is to try to sweat out the days waiting for the arrival of a professional air conditioning services technician. With same-day service, they make sure you don’t have to!

And not only do they repair air conditioning systems, they also install them. Let the experienced air conditioning contractors at Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning handle any residential or commercial air conditioning installation project you might have scheduled for this year. Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning has over twenty years of experience professionally installing air conditioning systems. They can ensure a new cooling system is installed in accordance with the highest standards and all local codes.

Trust Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning’s professional service experts to provide the best possible selection and installation of high-efficiency air conditioning and heating systems. They will help you select the appropriately sized unit and recommend air conditioning systems that will save money, not just in terms of upfront costs, but long-term energy savings over the life of the system. Call Enhanced Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn about their energy-efficient central air conditioning and heating systems.

About the Company: Enhanced is a professional HVAC heating and cooling contractor based out of Newark Delaware.

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