Brandon Thaxton, the founder of the East Point, Georgia acting school Acting Up, has taken up a new passion: trap rapping.


East Point, GA, September 21, 2020 – For the first time ever, Energygod, founder of a popular acting school Acting Up, turns trap rapper.

Energygod, a Georgia-based founder of the East Point acting school Acting Up, has taken up a new passion: trap rapping. Although his music might be confused with so-called gangster rap, it is actually quite motivational and conscious music. But will it be accepted by the parents of his school?

According to a recent Energygod article, “our discovery of the day is fresh air for the music industry, one of these artists that you keep to see an eye on as they can change the game. He goes by the name of EnergyGod, he comes from East Point, Georgia, and his latest single entitled ‘Yourday,’ feat Fusway Jones & Mt. Oddo, marked our Monday and probably the rest of the week. Thanks to an unmatched voice and flow, a unique voice, and a creative personality,EnergyGod is an artist who will be widely talked about.”

Energygod provides a wide variety of inspirational music to motivate today’s youth. To hear a sample of his hot new sound, please check out the Energygod Spotify station today.

As the leading instructor of Acting Up, Energygod has “developed and designed Acting Up in the purpose of pushing purpose. He has been developing kids for the past 12 years. While major playing in the industry, Brandon has trained over 3,000 kids across the globe. He has worked with and developed kids in Atlanta, OKC, LA, Orlando, New York, Las Vegas, Antwerp, Belgium, Goddard School, Bear Creek, Mundy Mills, DSA, and many other dance schools, theaters, summer camps, and class settings. His students have starred or co-starred in It, It 2, Hawaii 5-0 , Bad Moms, Walking Dead, Atlanta, and many more. He leads the mission and team in instilling the power of I am in each individual he encounters.”

With so many students seeking solid mentorship in East Point, it can be hard to know who to trust. That’s where Energygod comes in. With a focus on the arts and showcasing individuality, Energygod has the experience and the talent it takes to make a positive impact on the Georgia community.

Want to learn more about Energygod’s music or his East Point acting school? Simply visit the Energygod’s Spotify or right now!

About Energygod: Formally known as Brandon Thaxton, Energygod is a trap rapper that is based out of East Point, Georgia. He is also the founder of the local acting school Acting Up.

Official Disclaimer: “EnergyGod, formally known as Brandon Thaxton, is the owner of the school Acting Up. He has recently begun his career in motivational trap music. Energygod is from East Point GA and has been in the film industry for over 15 years.”

Contact Info:

Name: Brandon Thaxton
Organization: Energygod
Address: Energygod, 3161 Dogwood Dr., East Point, GA
Phone: 4044268438