Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 04 January, 2021 – Empire Group, a leading media agency, are offering their advertising services, and more, across Africa. Being an independent and growing media agency, they have gained the ability to expand their services to countries in every continent, but now with an increased focus on the African market. They offer digital, print, television, in-flight, and outdoor advertisement alongside their radio-specific services. Their unique radio services include finding the best radio station based on ideal target audiences and planning the radio adverts from start to finish.

Empire Group became an advertising agency with a global reach. The company ethos focuses on bespoke marketing as opposed to one-size-fits-all marketing campaigns. This strategy contributes to their broad client base from football clubs to hotel chains and fast food to fast cars. Diverse as their customers and methods are, radio, in particular, highlights the company’s expanding global reach.

Radio advertising can reach larger audiences by virtue of its repetition, penetration, and ubiquity around the world. Empire Group’s media strategy identifies these aspects of radio advertising to craft effective campaigns. Their strategy zeros in to identify a core target audience and select radio stations best suited to reach them. By crafting campaigns with strong call-to-action and notable features, they work to create content fit for any of the countries where they operate. Detailed research into a radio station’s audience information, like age range and spending habits, provides solid ground for marketing promises made to clients.

With the fears of saturated and uncertain markets, Empire Group has choen to focus on the emerging African advertising market. Unlike advertising agencies that focus on either small businesses or giant corporate entities, they open themselves up to all clients. Their radio services add one more piece to the diverse array of advertising they offer throughout Africa including: Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa & Morocco.

Given their global outlook, radio’s continued popularity, and their one-to-one client approach Empire Group looks to be maintaining a stable position worldwide even in uncertain times. To learn about their radio advertising, and the media service generally, visit their website or contact them through the information provided.

About the Business: Empire is a dynamic and agile strategic and creative team founded on experience, diversity and passion. We work with a variety of clients across the Middle East, building and maintaining brand reputation to facilitate the best possible return on your marketing investment. We have partnered up with international brand agency, HKLM, and co-deliver world class solutions as one of the leaders in the fields of design and advertising solutions across the globe.

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