Philippine-based music teachers offer online lessons featuring voice, guitar, and piano through their EmDantes Online Music Lessons. Children can greatly benefit from taking music lessons, even via live video meetings with real musicians. Learn more at


Valenzuela City, PH, 4 December 2020- Based in the Philippines, EmDantes Online Music Lessons offers online music lessons featuring voice, guitar, and piano. 

Everyone is born with the innate ability to sing. Voice lessons will help you (or child!) to hone your skills and teach you to be better singers. Every child can benefit from singing lessons.

“We all have the ability to sing, so enrolling your child into online singing lessons, like the ones I offer at Emdantes, can help to give them vital skills that they can use in all aspects of their life,” says Em Dantes of EmDantes Online Music Lessons on online voice lessons for children. “One of the biggest things I notice in my students is just how much their confidence grows over the course of the lessons. Their entire self-esteem increases and they are more confident in everything they do, which is amazing to see. Singing also has a positive impact on academics.”

Singing isn’t the only thing that Em and her other music teachers have to offer. Anyone can learn how to play an instrument. You can receive online guitar lessons and/or online piano lessons to sharpen your other musical talents.

Em Dantes has spent the majority of her professional career as a Classical Singer in Macau China, while Kinah Jorge was a faculty member of Aureus Academy Singapore’s Fastest Growing Music School.

“Our innovative, foundational approach encourages beginners to actually understand music,” says a spokesperson for EmDantes Online Music Lessons. “Using creative videos and supportive, child-friendly musical education materials, Em’s piano lessons for beginners empower learners with the knowledge and techniques they need to become true musicians.”

Learning to play guitar or even learning a few chords is so much easier when you have a person teaching you in real-time. Online music lessons are the perfect method of learning a new instrument.

“There are countless mobile apps and videos on Youtube prophesying about how they can teach you guitar,” says an EmDantes Online Music Lessons spokesperson. “However, there is simply no substituting a live 1-on-1 lesson when it comes to learning a musical instrument. This is especially true for beginners.”

These online voice lessons are tailored to your or your child’s needs. You can pay as you go or you can purchase a 6 or 12 weeks series. Learn more at

About EmDantes Online Music Lessons: EmDantes Online Music Lessons is comprised of real musicians from the Philippines who want to share the art of teaching music with children, teens, and even adults. Em Dantes and Kinah Jorge are the women behind the screen at 

Em Dantes lives and breathes music. It has been a passion she discovered at a very young age leading her to take a Bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines under the tutelage of Maestra Salvacion Ynigez, Prof. RonanFerrer and Prof. Naomi Sison.

Kinah Jorge earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Santo Tomas Conservatory of Music, under the tutelage of Asst. Prof. Naomi Paz Sison. As a student, she was a recipient of the Santo Domingo scholarship program and eventually the Klasikal Music Foundation.

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Name: Em Dantes
Organization: EmDantes Online Music Lessons
Address: Valenzuela City, Philippines
Phone: +63 949 127 5844