Elizabetta is the family business designing and producing top-quality women’s and men’s scarves and other silk accessories made in Italy.


Ascoli Piceno, Italy, 26 Jan 2022 – Details matter, and Elizabetta, a small family business that designs and produces top-quality silk accessories in Italy, knows it. As in where and how they make all of their fabric accessories. Just beginning that Elizabetta works only with small to medium family-owned mills in Como and Piemonte, which are places that have generations of experience and treat workers and the environment respectfully since they’re obsessed with ethics.

It all started in 2003, during a visit to Lake Como when textile aficionado Elizabeth -Elizabetta, as her friends in Italy call her- was introduced to the silk scarves and fabrics that the area is historically famous for. That was where her love affair with silk scarves started, leading her to build her boutique in 2004. And as she explains on the site: “I’ve always been fascinated and drawn to colors, designs, and textiles. Growing up in Rome, I had the good fortune to be immersed in Italian art, fashion, and design from a very early age. So I started Elizabetta Boutique to preserve the art and craftsmanship of smaller Italian textile producers and offer beautiful fashion accessories at reasonable prices. We make everything in small batches several times a year, offering you new designs while helping to protect the livelihood of the people who make them.” 

The brand is devoted to supporting family-owned workshops that make everything in small quantities, which means that each time you buy an item at Elizabetta: you’ll know you are wearing a unique piece of art. Yet, they are dedicated to bringing these fashion accessories to you at un-inflated prices. Also, all of their scarves, shawls, and ties are created by small to medium-sized textile mills in northern Italy. 

At Elizabetta, everything is made in sweatshop-free, eco-conscious businesses in Italy. Some of the same artisans that work with them also produce for famous, high-end fashion houses using the same fabrics and techniques. And with 5-stars reviews, you can expect to find top-quality, extraordinarily original, and timeless artisan products. Just read this one from their verified buyer, Robert Smith “I love the Benelli silk neckerchief! It’s perfect with a dark blue merino sweater (and a sports coat, if desired). Timeless—and a lovely echo of better times!” Elizabeth Perkins (Elizabetta) was born in New York City and raised in London and Rome. 

Formerly an interior designer and color specialist, she lives in the Le Marche region of Italy, where our handbags are made. When she’s not designing scarves and handbags, you’ll find Elizabeth in the kitchen or the garden. 

Currently, the boutique is about to run its archive sale for 2022, in which we will archive lots of women’s scarf designs they won’t be producing anymore in the future. For more information regarding their top-quality artisanal items, visit https://elizabetta.net and discover their Women’s silk scarves style guide.

Contact Info

Name: Francesca Dinardo
Organization: Elizabetta Boutique
Address: Ascoli Piceno, Italy
Phone: 752057194
Website: https://elizabetta.net