GhostCircus Apparel, a new and upcoming Unique, Designer Apparel Company, is redefining clothing to set you apart from the crowd! Offering men’s and women’s clothing along with accessories and fashionable face coverings that include youth sizes, founder and head designer Eli James, is challenging you to live without boundaries in this fast-paced world. GhostCircus Apparel has been recognized on popular news outlets such as CNN, Vogue, TMZ, CBSN New York, and has collaborated with popular artists such as Twenty One Pilots and No Doubt!


Los Angeles, CA, November 9, 2020 – Local California up and coming Unique, Designer Apparel Company, GhostCircus Apparel, is redefining clothing and fashion covers to set you apart from the crowd! By offering men’s and women’s clothing, along with accessories and fashionable face coverings that include face covers for kids, founder and head designer, Eli James is challenging you to live without boundaries as “our lives have become a 3-ring circus – crowded with the phantoms of our past, present, and future,” and to keep living every day to the fullest. Having appeared on popular news and fashion outlets such as CNN, Vogue, CBSN New York, and more, James and the growing GhostCircus family have collaborated with popular artists like Twenty One Pilots and No Doubt!

By creating “next level, raw edge, and completely unique clothing,” Eli James has completely transformed the modern apparel industry by breaking norms and traditional boundaries. GhostCircus Apparel is proud to be a company that aims to contribute one of a kind, made to order clothing and accessories to meet your raw and dynamic lifestyle. For more information about the types of fashion GhostCircus provides, please visit

About GhostCircus Apparel: “If you can survive the everyday madness and still look damn good while doing it… you win.” GhostCircus Apparel is clothing that truly becomes a part of you, sets you apart from the crowd, and keeps you ready for anything. Blaze your own trail, start your own trends, and wear what you know is truly you, inside and out. Known to “perfectly accommodate your lifestyle in every way possible,” founder and designer Eli James has found an innovative way to design modern-day cutting-edge fashion, including amazing face covers, and a wide array of offerings to keep customers looking and feeling great.

As a fashion industry trailblazer, James saw an increasing demand for his unique looks which quickly expanded into the best face covers to help frontline workers, first responders, and anyone looking to stay safe and look good while doing it. Orders began to pour in and he “quickly saw a demand for youth sizes as well…it had to be safe and practical.” By creating durable, fashionable, and reliable apparel for all ages and genders, James and his team at GhostCircus Apparel are serving up only the highest-quality, multi-functional fashion available on the market today. They are also very committed to giving back to their community and as of this release, they have donated over $60,000 and over 25,000 reusable face covers to front-line workers and local charities in the Southern California region.

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