Elderly Authority announces its newest online platform designed for seniors aged 55 or older:https://elderlyauthority.com/ They want to help you keep the one you love the most, healthy, fit, and thriving. Visit the online platform Senior Living Options, Safety Options, and Health and Planning advice. And for additional guides on how to take care of your loved ones, visit Elderly Authority on Facebook or  @elderlyauthority on IG.  


Huntsville, AL, June 5, 2020— Elderly Authority is pleased to announce an all-new platform for family members and caregivers assisting their loved ones in their time of need. They are committed to providing educational, resources, and advice for their loved ones at http://elderlyauthority.com. At Elderly Authority they believe life after 50 can be wholesome and thriving with the right planning and tools. It’s why they’ve designed their platform for easy navigation. The navigation site includes the best resources for Senior Living Options, Safety, and Health and Planning Tools. To join the conversation visit their Home Page.  

Finding and understanding the best Senior Care Living Options has never been easier! At Elderly Authority, they’ve broken down the nuts and bolts of choosing the right care for their reader’s ageless loved ones. Their mission is to help their readers understand their best options, independent or medical care for their family. From Retirement Housing to Specialized Care Facilities, the platform is the perfect place to make informed decisions about the one who is closest to your heart. Do you know the difference between a residential and nursing care facility? An informed decision is a page away and broken down by costs and how to choose a facility. Life happens so does stress. Elderly Authority helps take care of their readers so they can get back to loving the ones they love. 

Senior Safety Tips for at-home loved ones are available through the online platform. They understand keeping a mom, dad, or grandparent safe starts with elder proofing the home. It’s why they have made a Top Ten Safety Guide to help readers create a safer environment for the one that is closer to your heart. The guide explains Make the Home Fall-Safe, why getting rid of fire hazards is the most essential key, and more. 

Taking care of an aging loved one can become expensive. Over time unforeseen costs can become an unnecessary burden. The right planning along with health insurance can reduce the cost of care dramatically. Readers are invited to explore which options are the best overall health care insurance coverage options.  

Elderly Authority is an online platform designed to keep the golden years golden so life can continue to blossom. For additional guides on how to’s visit Elderly Authority on Facebook or @elderlyauthority on IG.  

About Elderly Authority: Elderly Authority is an online Education media platform for family and caregivers assisting seniors or elderly loved ones. Their mission is to support a community of senior citizens through education, resources, and advice.

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