The Minnesota-based medical billing and coding provider works with specialties such as family medicine, orthopedic surgery, speech-language pathology, and other medical providers. The firm is focused on providing medical billing and revenue cycle management to hospitals and clinics to help them track claims for better patient care. For more information, click here.


Saint Paul, MN, December 4, 2021— Patient visits, diagnosis, prescriptions, and other medical procedures need to be coded and translated into bills for medical providers to be compensated for their services. Hospital administrations and private clinicians collaborate with Medical Billing Service providers to convert these services to claims sent to insurance providers, government agencies, and self-sponsored patients. EL Medical Billing Solutions is an industry leader in the medical billing sector, providing high-quality services to champion a better relationship between medical providers, patients, and insurance providers.

“We are dedicated to helping your medical practice procure the elusive 100% allowed amount. Our medical billing experts have over twenty-five years of experience to help you avoid loss of money through unpaid bills, denied claims, and other billing-related issues. You will save on overhead expenses such as salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, and office supplies. Think of us as your 100% remote medical billing department,” explained Eric Maxwell, co-owner at El Medical Billing Solutions.

The firm also helps hospitals and clinics manage their funds well through revenue cycle management. Revenue Cycle Management follows the patient’s life from when they make an appointment for a medical checkup to when their services have been paid for fully. EL will help customers open and manage patients’ accounts to simplify billing, claims, and reimbursement.

“Through our revenue cycle management, we will help you establish a successful program for your hospital or clinic to help achieve healthcare’s triple aim. You will get improved health of patient populations, a better care experience for your patients, and a reduced cost of care. This program will make your service more profitable and superior,” added Maxwell.

Medical processes demand confidentiality of patient data and hospital processes. EL Solutions upholds 100% confidentiality and data protection through signing non-disclosure agreements. Moreover, the platform uses top-notch software and encrypted communication to protect data from third parties. The experts are well-trained in medical coding and billing and have the required licensing and certifications. 

“Patients privacy is our number one focus through compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Our staff have the required hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical field and have the relevant certifications. For matters of security, we are dedicated to ensuring the security of our customer’s data,” added Maxwell.

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About EL Medical Billing Solutions: EL Medical Billing Solutions is a medical coding and billing agency that helps medical providers prepare their medical bills and manage their revenue. The firm is focused on providing medical billing services with the highest levels of revenue cycle management. Its services include insurance credentialing, Insurance credibility checks, revenue cycle analysis, and electronic bill submissions. The staff at EL is HIPAA compliant and has the relevant licenses and certifications to work on medical data.

Contact Information:

Name: Eric Maxwell
Organization: EL Medical Billing Solutions
Address: 445 Minnesota St. ste 1500 12
Phone: 612-314-0110