Effective Board Meeting Software Can Make All the Difference For Your Organization. Here’s How to Tell If It’s Right For You.Photo from unsplash

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More and more aspects of Board Meetings are being automated with software so more meaningful decisions can be made more efficiently. Is board meeting software the way to go for your company?

First of All: What is “Board Meeting Software?”

Back in the day (as my dad would say) board meetings were the place where the major stakeholders would convene, lug their giant, physical binders or paper agendas and vote on important topics. These meetings usually lead to major decisions about the future of a company. In short, they are typically sensitive and important.

A board portal or board meeting software is a type of meeting management software that allows board members to manage governance easily and securely from their computers (or even their phones!), whether the meeting is in-person or virtually.

Security is Everything

Whether you’re on the board of a Fortune 500 company or non-profit, sensitive decisions are made in board meetings and need to be protected. Look for a board portal that allows your organization to store the data recorded and automatically create your meeting minutes (after all, board members are busy people!) but won’t share to the meeting management software itself, creating absolute privacy for important data discussed in these meetings.

Decisions values clients’ privacy above all else. Decisions Meeting Management Software has no access to your company’s data, so you can rest assured that your board meetings – and decisions – are completely yours.

Examine The Functions

Software is nothing without its features, right? After all, you don’t buy software to wear as a hat.

It is imperative that you choose board meeting software that supports your needs. Some questions to ask yourself before committing to software: Does this solution support voting? Can it manage calendars of relevant stakeholders? Can I, the meeting manager, access the controls and permissions and approve who presents and how much time they have to do so? Will this software encourage collaboration while keeping members on track (timing feature)? Will it record the meeting minutes? Can it be used anywhere, bridging geographical gaps among board members, and does it help them reach thoughtful decisions?

Phew. That was a lot of questions. But it all basically boils down to this: Will this software make my board meetings easier?

Who’s Your Support System?

When purchasing a meeting management software, or any new software, you need to know there’s an expert and eager team of representatives from the meeting software company on standby to help you as you learn to navigate it. At Decisions, we have a dedicated support team working daily to answer any questions you might have and experts ready to talk to you live if any issue arises.

So, Is Board Meeting Software for You?

If your board of directors can’t always necessarily meet in the same place and meetings take place virtually and you feel like the organization and efficiency of these meetings could be improved then meeting management software can be a great asset for your team. According to The Harvard Business Review, 71% of surveyed senior managers said meetings are “unproductive and inefficient.” If your meetings are lagging and if solid decisions aren’t being made, it may be time for you to look into board meeting software solutions.

The Case For Decisions Meeting Management Software 

Decisions meeting management software not only offers excellent solutions for board meeting preparation but for any type of meeting your organization might have. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Teams, and Outlook.

The team at Decisions knows how important board meetings are to organizations. That’s why we’ve built-in premium features to support your board members in the ways that matter most. Our revolutionary meeting management software has easy agenda-building capabilities, including templates, to make your meeting preparation as easy as possible. You can share the agenda with other board members ahead of time so they can upload relevant documents right into the agenda. To ensure the meeting goes smoothly and stays on track, you can assign each item up for discussion to a specific presenter and a certain amount of time. Decisions will monitor time elapsed for each item with our innovative time tracker tool. Each decision and task will be recorded in the meeting minutes that can be downloaded into a convenient PDF after the meeting so everyone has a record and a roadmap of next steps and assignments.

Other great capabilities Decisions has to make your board meetings the most efficient ever: the capability to vote and sign documents electronically, calendar management and so much more. You can even invite board members to only the portion of the meeting they are needed for, saving valuable time for your company.

And we all know longboard meetings can make everyone hungry. With Decisions, you can even schedule a nice, long, timed lunch so you can know which agenda item everyone is truly looking forward to. Another tip for successful board meetings: always have snacks. Hangry people don’t make good decisions. Unfortunately, our software can’t bring you donuts to your meetings. We’ll work on that.

Decisions are already trusted by 800 organizations worldwide. You can read some of their testimonials here.