Edofiber developed its new line of antibacterial Washi papers. Containing a proprietary ingredient, its antibacterial properties last longer than the competitors.


Tokyo, Japan, 22 June 2020 – Edofiber is excited to announce that its developed a brand-new line of antibacterial Washi paper.
Edofiber, a Washi paper, and foodservice industry distributor, has created its new product: antibacterial Washi file folders. The antibacterial qualities are achieved by adding a proprietary ingredient during the Washi paper manufacturing process, which enables a long-lasting antibacterial effect. Edofiber’s antibacterial file folders are perfect for medical, dental, and childcare offices, or for any business where reducing the transmission of bacteria is important.

In addition to the antibacterial qualities, these Washi paper file folders also offer the following:
• Printable: the file folders are compatible with home inkjet and laser printers and both home and office users may customize the folders by printing directly onto the paper
• Rounded corners: if rounded corners are desired, such as for use in infant-related facilities, Edofiber offers variations of the product to meet this need
• Low MOQ: Edofiber has arranged for production that scales for low minimum order quantities as well as larger, commercial orders. The company can accommodate MOQs of 500 or less, with discounts available for orders of 1000 or more
• Antibacterial properties without premium price: due to the innovative process by which these antibacterial Washi file folders are made, Edofiber is able to offer the antibacterial Washi paper at the same price as their other file folder product line.
With so many people seeking antibacterial products, the company believes the new antibacterial Washi file folders meet a need in the market.

According to Edofiber, “today, people are more health-focused, and that trend is increasing. We intend to adapt to those social trends and economic changes by meeting the needs of global business. We will continually improve technology and develop a broad array of products to be flexible and to suit social changes.”

On top of offering Washi food service supplies, Edofiber sells Washi digital printing paper. In addition to this, the company distributes Washi packaging paper, stationery, and craft supplies too.
Edofiber provides a wide variety of Japanese paper products, all of which are Forest Council Certified. Edofiber is the first Forest Stewardship Council-certified Washi maker in the world. Sustainability and environmental protection are core values of Edofiber and the company is proud of its certification by the FSC. To learn more about Edofiber’s sustainability practices, please visit www.edofiber.com today.

About Edofiber: Edofiber is a distributor of traditional Washi paper products, food service industry supplies, and commercial printing and finishing services. Based in Tokyo, Japan, Edofiber’s parent company, Nagai Shigyo Co., Ltd. was founded in 1928.

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Phone: +81 3-3861-4555
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