One of THE best links that your website can get is an editorial link. An editorial link is a link that an editor naturally inserts into their article that references a source related to what they are writing about. Every day thousands of publishers link out other web pages within their articles.

Our guest posting service fuels the editorial link building process. Our team of journalists build relationships with new publishers every day. Through those relationships, we are able to write about topics relevant to our clients, on relevant publishing sites. We leverage these publisher relationships to get your business editorially linked and referenced, essentially running an online PR campaign for your business.

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What is Guest Posting?

If you aren’t familiar with guest posting, it’s easy to understand. Guest posting is a compliant form of link building where blogs and websites are approached with an article in hopes that they will publish it. That article contains a link to a client’s website, which when published, helps to improve search engine rankings. It’s a form of content marketing that has more than one benefit.

Why Should You Guest Post?

Guest posting is done primarily to gain high quality links to your website. The more high quality links you have, the better your website will perform in the search engines.

Guest posting is a great SEO strategy because the links that you’re getting to your website are all obtained naturally and organically, and thus are compliant with the major search engines.

But guest posting is a time consuming, and often difficult, thing for people to perform in-house. That is why utilizing a guest posting service is often times the best way to go.

Our Process

We’ve created a unique process, through our guest posting service, to ensure organizations that choose us for link building get the best results.

Research: It all begins with research. Our team spends hours researching relevant websites and blogs that are open to the idea of accepting guest articles. Our team only targets blogs that meet our strict quality guidelines. Once we find websites we believe would be good targets for our clients, we begin outreach.

Outreach: We approach the website with a unique idea for an article; something that’s actually relevant to readers. Whether that’s a how-to article or an article offering perspective on a recent news event, our articles actually present value to the reader, and as such are more likely to be shared across social channels.

Content creation: Once the website or blog says they like our article idea, our writers get to work immediately. All of our writers are college educated and located here in the United States, ensuring that the articles are clear and well researched. Our writers make sure that they naturally include a link to your product or service into the article; essentially using that link as a reference or source, to ensure Google compliance.

Publishing and promotion: Our guest posting service doesn’t stop when the article is published on the blog or website. We like to build new links to guest posts so that we can increase the indexing and power of the page we are getting a link from. Also, our articles tend to receive comments from readers, whom we engage to create even more buzz around the article. Finally, articles are also shared socially, both by us and by readers.

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Why You Should Work With Organic Media Group

One word…. RESULTS!

Our guest posting services have proved to get outstanding results for some of the most difficult keywords and niches online. Just take a look at some of our results below.

SEO Results After 3 Months

With us, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We have the writers, the outreach specialists, and the time to ensure you’re getting the highest quality links on the highest quality websites.  We develop a strategy for your website to make sure we’re going after the pages that you want to rank, and will help grow your business.

Don’t trust your guest posting campaign to a seedy offshore company who might do more harm than good. Contact us to find out why we are a great fit for helping your company.

What Makes Our Guest Posting Service Different?

We focus on quality, not quantity. We create great relationships with website and blog owners, who enjoy our content as much as we enjoy writing it. We’re different in that we view your link as a way to make the article better and more valuable to the reader; rather than just a random link dropped into the middle of a sentence. Nothing is automated, and it’s that mindset that gets the best results for our clients.

Interested in Learning More?

We’re happy to share examples of our work with you and share stories of our clients’ successes. Get in contact with us to learn more about how our guest posting service can help take your business to the next level.