San Francisco, CA, April 28, 2022— The COVID-19 pandemic forced a dramatic shift in the daily grind, resulting in a rippling effect that transformed every aspect of the pre-pandemic commute. While the world is starting to show a semblance of normalcy, a resistance to returning to the office full time will have a lasting effect on traffic and the demand for parking.

Fortunately, Smarking is on a mission to provide flexible parking options for remote workers in cities across the nation. The hybrid workforce is growing, and Smarking’s SmartPass offers a convenient way to secure parking without traditional monthly permits.

How Remote Work Has Made Traffic Lighter in Cities Across the Country

There’s no denying that the move towards remote work and hybrid scheduling eased traffic in many cities that typically dealt with regular congestion. In the D.C. area alone, the Washington Post reported that traffic decreased by about 50 percent shortly after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic in March 2020.

But even with the perks of lighter traffic and a shorter commute time, there’s still the issue of finding parking once you arrive at your destination. Pre-pandemic, many office employees paid for monthly passes. But that doesn’t make sense when you’re a hybrid worker visiting the office only a few days a week.

While some cities are encouraging public transit, the lifting of mask mandates makes that route unappealing for those worried about their exposure to COVID-19. As a result, office employees have no choice but to fit the bill for expensive private fees and transient parking permits.

That’s why Smarking created the easy and convenient SmartPass to bridge the gap.

There’s a Growing Need for Flexible Parking

Parking data from Smarking highlights new commuting dynamics had an interesting trend in parking habits. In North America, total parking demand recovered to about 72 percent of pre-pandemic levels. In major metropolitan areas like New York, San Francisco, and Boston, parking demand recovered 85 to 90 percent.

But the type of parking workers are using is significantly different than before. Transient parking is recovering faster, indicating that many people are ditching monthly passes for daily access rates and meters. There’s a rising demand for more options beyond traditional monthly parking plans.

To meet this need, Smarking announced their new flexible parking passes in major metros throughout the country. It started as a pilot program in Chicago, Cleveland, Oakland, and Austin. However, it’s expanding rapidly to other cities, providing easy access to office buildings and popular destinations for a workforce that needs versatile parking options.

How to Find Parking Options Near You and Buy Online

SmartPass by Smarking is about convenience and flexibility that works for everyone’s unique needs. Drivers can go online, register with their email, and find secure parking locations near their offices.

Buy a parking pass directly online that caters to your hybrid schedule. Whether it’s flexible daily passes, overnight parking, or permits that provide access a specified number of days a month, there’s an option to suit any schedule.

After buying the pass, gaining access to secure parking structures is as easy as scanning a phone. Drive up, scan in, and claim a spot. With SmartPass, there’s no need to worry about filling meters or getting citations. It’s quick, convenient, and versatile!

About Smarking: Smarking is a leading provider of business intelligence and yield management solutions, specializing in transaction-level parking data. Based in San Francisco, Smarking provides solutions that power more than 2,000 parking locations in North America. Smarking aims to simplify parking management by centralizing parking data, paving the way for improved efficiency, greater tenant satisfaction, and maximized asset income.

Smarking’s SmartPass is rapidly expanding to major cities across North America. For more information about flexible remote worker parking passes near you, visit SmartPass. SmartPass lets you view secure parking locations and purchase a pass online that works for your needs.

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