]The East Coast Building Company, a family-owned and operated construction and development contractor located in Dutchess County, New York, specializes in using state of the art construction materials and methods and working with homeowners and developers to transform empty, buildable plots of land into fully realized properties to be proud of.


Dutchess County, NY, June 02, 2020 -Why settle for anything less than the perfect home?

Buying an existing property entails a long list of compromises. Either the kitchen is not quite what you had been looking for, or there are too few (or too many!) bedrooms, the bathrooms could be improved, and if only the basement was finished.

At The East Coast Building Company, they’ve been creating perfect homes for more than thirty five years. The East Coast Building Company works with homeowners and investors to bring their ideas to life. And with over thirty five years of experience, they have the background knowledge to tackle any project, no matter how big or how small.

Whether it’s a new home on an existing lot, land development, a renovation of an existing structure, a new commercial building or restaurant, or another type of property construction, The East Coast Building Company can handle the job from beginning to end, including preparing the site for construction the whole way through to completion.

At The East Coast Building Company, their specialty is custom houses, transforming buildable, empty lots into the property of your dreams. Every building situation is different, and they will listen to your needs, desires, and concerns, and create your a digital representation of your future property, so that you can see exactly how the finished home will look.

Then, using the finest state of the art construction techniques and materials, they will bring your vision beautifully to life.

The East Coast Building Company has all the equipment and expertise necessary to begin a project from scratch in a vacant lot, as well as to renovate and refurbish existing structures. If you have a plan, they can make it happen, providing you with a modern home you can be proud of.

And if you are a real estate professional who is already aware of the massive potential of real estate investment, then you know that the best way to enhance your investment is by ensuring high quality throughout the process, which helps produce a property that converts a steady monthly income.

The East Coast Building Company works with various types of projects, including developing vacant lots, building new homes from scratch, renovating old real estate, and much more. The East Coast Building Company is fully equipped with up to date construction vehicles and equipment, and can handle the entire process in-house.

By choosing East Coast builders, you’re choosing experience and quality, which together provide peace of mind. 

About the Company: The East Coast Building Company’s mission is to provide businesses, homeowners, and real estate investors with expert-level property construction. We build high quality, modern houses and businesses in an efficient, professional way.

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