IronBarcode, a software package from Iron Software, allows businesses, governments, and organizations to generate and read barcodes or QR codes in the .NET environment. These codes are created in minutes by inserting a small line of C# in a client’s framework. They can be generated from numbers, text or binary codes, and advanced features allow clients to set values, colors, margins or logos. Once complete, the new codes are available in multiple formats. Thousands of clients are currently using IronBarcode for invoice printing, ordering products, managing documents and tracking performance. There are many ways these codes can help make your operations run more efficiently. Learn more at


CHICAGO, IL — April 14, 2020 — Thousands of clients are using IronBarcode to generate and read barcodes or QR codes in the .NET environment. 

IronBarcode can help you create these codes from numbers or text, and it offers advanced features like setting values, colors, margins or company logos. Once completed, the saved code can be exported in multiple formats including PDF, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG or HTML. 

“There are many uses for a QR code and barcode .net in today’s technological world. From invoice printing and ordering products to document management and performance tracking, these codes can help businesses, governments and organizations run more efficiently,” said Francesca Miller, a junior engineer from IronBarcode. “With our expertise and support, clients can capitalize on these fairly simple codes.”

Clients working with IronBarcode start by paying an affordable commercial licensing fee and multiple licensing packages are available for all needs. A 30-day free development plan is also offered for trial testing. Clear online manuals are given to all clients, as well as around the clock support from expert developers.

After installing the IronBarcode library and code functionality to the client’s .NET framework, a client can generate barcode c# in minutes by inserting a small line of programming code.

The process for creating a qr code c# is not much different. Clients can generate a standard, black-and-white, 500-pixel QR square or they can explore some of the advanced features. One such option allows companies to switch up colors and place their logos on top of the QR code for brand recognition. 

In both cases, clients are provided with clear step-by-step instructions on how to do it themselves or they can speak with the IronBarcode support team. The company’s online tutorials cover the basics and give you the tools needed to take your coding operation to the next level.

With over 10 years in the .NET market, IronBarcode’s list of clients includes Charles River Laboratories, the Government of South Australia, First Capitol Consulting, Radware and more.

Visit to learn more about IronBarcode and some of the company’s other software libraries including IronPDF, IronOCR, IronXL, and IronWebscraper. Read some of IronBarcode’s online reviews and keep up-to-date with the latest news by signing up for their mailing list. 


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