DS Sewing, the company that offers only top-quality guaranteed products, is now offering Merritt’s Light Truck Products. Visit https://www.ds-sewing.com/ for more information regarding DS Sewing services.


New Haven, CT, July 28, 2021 – DS Sewing is a business settled in Connecticut that offers customed pool covers, truck and boat tarps, blue polyethylene tarps, tough tarps wash mats, and fitted winter boat covers. But they also have a vast stock of Merritt truck accessories, providing the highest quality on the market.

Something great about DS Sewing is that if what you have in mind is not available in their stock remember the philosophy of their owner, Dave, better known as the tarp guy: “If you can imagine, DS Sewing can sew it” and as the website shows, you are just one click away of designing your own tarp from the comfort of your home using their website services.

And if this hasn’t caught your attention yet, DS Sewing is offering the top quality Merritt Light Truck products to complement their stock. With over 68 years of manufacturing excellence in the heavy-duty truck market, Merritt Aluminum Products is North America’s leading manufacturer of aluminum accessory products for the heavy and light-duty trucking industries. That’s why sticking to their promise of guaranteed only products, DS Sewing continues distributing only high-quality, high-performance products.

One of the top new products they are currently offering is the Merritt aluminum light truck headache racks. The racks are designed for function and durability while providing a distinctive look. Each headache rack has a channel designed into the frame to support multiple lighting and load securement accessories. The channel also serves to hide and protect a wiring harness. It fits all Mid and Full-Size pickups and features a lightweight extruded frame for maximum visibility while a channel on the backside of the frame provides easy mounting and flexibility for multiple accessories such as lighting and load securement. You won’t have to worry about quality; remember, that the Merritt Utility Ladder Rack is built from commercial-grade aluminum materials for strength and durability.

Another great asset to buy is the Merritt light truck utility ladder rack. Are you worried about durability? This product is designed for strength with a robust tube size and shape. But since appearance and functionality shouldn’t be against each other; the D-tube shape provides a unique and great-looking smooth appearance. And last but definitely not least, another great quality of this product is how easy to assemble, remove, and installing it is, so whether you have a commercial application or a sports enthusiast application; this product is configured to meet all of your needs.

DS Sewing’s new catalog of Merritt products has utility chest boxes that provide legendary durability and functionality, headache racks designed for function and durability while providing a distinctive look. And to complement them all, they’re also offering light truck lighting options and accessories as the ECCO, Innotec, and Optronics lighting options and color-matched mounting brackets to fit any lighting requirement.

For more information on the highest quality of products that manufacturers on the market are providing at fair prices, visit https://www.ds-sewing.com/

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