To help those seeking addiction and mental health recovery in California, Drug Rehab Centers (.com) has created a website with an on-call admissions team to help those struggling with addiction find the care they need.


Los Angeles, CA, November 23, 2021— Drug Rehab Centers (.com), A California organization that is focused on connecting individuals facing addiction with the professional licensed care they deserve, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website,

The site features information, resources, and contact information so that those seeking addiction recovery can get help from a rehab or mental health center. Individuals can go onto the site learn more about addiction and mental health programs like: sober living, outpatient addiction treatment, dual diagnosis, and therapy. California Drug Rehabs (.com)’s mission is to help connect those facing behavioral health disorders to the California addiction treatment specialists or therapists that can help them live a more fulfilling life after recovery.

Our site features information on addiction treatment and resources to help you find a therapist Huntington Beach. Additionally, we offer an insurance verification page and admissions hotline so those facing behavioral health disorders can learn more about their treatment options and understand what their insurance will cover.

“This website is a great launch page for someone trying to learn more and begin their recovery journey” – Publicist at the Addictions New Network

Drug Rehab Centers (.com) has invited visitors to explore the new website. You can learn more about addiction recovery by browsing their blogs and recovery resources. You’ll find their website has an intuitive layout that outlines all the information for those seeking recovery like dual diagnosis and EMDR therapy. With locational-specific pages learn about the differences in treatment in Los Angeles, San Diego, Huntington Beach and Orange county. Visitors are also able to learn more about specific addiction treatment programs and resources and contact to help find care options for them

About Drug Rehab Centers (.com): Drug Rehab Centers (.com) provides individuals with the information, resources, and help so they can find what treatment programs are best for their behavioral health condition. By offering our admissions hotline those seeking recovery can find access to care in California with the touch of a button.

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