Unlike regular school, which almost certainly was not high-octane, let alone fun and potentially dangerous, drift school is the best place for beginners to learn the ropes from professional drifters and racecar drivers.

The UK is a hotbed for drift culture, and new schools are popping up all the time. From learning the basics of drift car maintenance to advanced techniques that only the pros know about, drift schools will teach you everything there is to know about drifting. Many drift schools won’t just stop at teaching you the basics, they’ll help you prepare for BDC and beyond.

So, grab your backpack and back-to-school wardrobe, and prepare to drift like a pro!

 UK Drift Schools

Buckle up, drift school is in session! Here are some of the best academies in the UK that provide car drifting training.



Learn2Drift was formed in 2012 by three professional drifters—one from each level of the BDC series.

Basic lessons include doughnuts and figure-8 practices, including three laps around a pre-made circuit designed specifically for drift training. You’ll also go on three high-speed passenger rides, where you sit shotgun and experience how a professional drifter would manage each turn in a competitive environment.

Full-day lessons pit you behind the wheel of a special drift car for six hours. Beginners will learn the basic mechanics of drifting in a relaxed setting, with an instructor that will correct your mistakes and show you exactly when to initiate a smooth drift on each turn. Experienced drifters can spend the whole day working on advanced techniques.

Drift cars available to drive

Nissan 200sx (turbo and non-turbo), Nissan R33 Skyline


Donington Park Race Circuit, Rockingham, Birmingham Raceway, Aldershot Raceway, Northampton International Raceway





One of the most popular UK drift schools, Driftland will take you from fledgeling drifter to screeching drift eagle through a set of four adrenaline-fuelled lessons. Driftland’s starter experience covers the essentials of drifting, from a short briefing about the track and cars to practising handbrake turns, doughnuts, and figure-8 transitions.

At the end of the day, you’ll be given five attempts to master a full corner on Driftland’s custom track. The twist? You’re competing against other drift beginners, and Driftland’s “judges” will dish out scores to the most accurate drifts. Good luck!


Drift cars available to drive
BMW 3-series

Driftland’s custom tarmac track



Flatout Factory

Flatout Factory pays homage to drifting’s Japanese origins by leveraging a unique martial arts grading system into their drift school structure. Unlike a typical day at drift school, Flatout Factory takes you through a 15-step course, beginning as a white belt drifter and progressing to the prestigious black belt 4th dan, AKA “Gold Belt,” or master drift ninja!

You begin by learning power over entries, throttle balance, and how to control drifts with minor adjustments. You’ll then progress to learning transitions—changing direction mid-drift—and how to deal with understeering. By the time you reach black belt, you’ll be competing against other pupils in a “car-fu” battle. By this stage, you’ll have a robust understanding of preparing and participating in competitive drift events.

To reach the final level, you must not only win DriftCup, but you have to finish in the Top 8 at the end of the British Drift Championship season. Only then can you claim the title of Professional Drifter!

Birmingham Wheels, Brands Hatch


Drift Limits

Based in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, Drift Limits was carefully designed for an optimised track driving experience.

Drift limits is a great place to continue honing your skills, as they offer a 1:1 tuition package that tailors each lesson to your current needs. Have you mastered clutch kicks and power overs, but want to work on lift offs or shift locks? Maybe you just need help managing your nerves and minimising damage in a crash scenario. Whatever the case is, Drift Limits will teach you what you need to learn.

Drift cars available to drive
MX-5, Porsche Cayman

Drift Limits’ custom drift circuit at Bovingdon Airfield.


Allstars Driving Academy

Allstars Driving Academy is great for those who want to dip their toe into drifting to see if it’s right for them.

Their basic course is a comprehensive overview of drift culture and includes tips on how to buy your first drift car. You’ll learn how to control the throttle and handle a powerful RWD car. You’ll also learn how to trigger a drift. The full-day experience covers the same basic course but adds a thrilling passenger experience, where you’ll tag along with a professional drifter as they race through three laps on Allstar’s pro circuit.

Drift cars available to drive
Nissan 180sx, Nissan 350z, Nissan Skyline

Brands Hatch, Wheels Adventure Park




Practice Days 
If the word “school” brings back the smell of chalk and the leering stares of schoolyard bullies, then you can sign up for a practice day at most UK drift schools instead. Unlike the bundled school lessons, practice days let you take your own car out on the track, where you can race laps and drift tight turns at your leisure.

Practice days are often much more affordable than a full-day experience or school package, but you won’t have access to a professional instructor, and you’ll have to supply your own drift car and tyres. While you can probably sign up for a practice day without any prior drift experience, it’ll feel pretty daunting out on the course without any guidance or practical know-how.

Taking a basic lesson first will help you get the most out your future practice days.

Practice Makes Perfect 
The best way to start drifting is to jump behind the wheel and drive. Signing up for a basic course at a drift school is an excellent way to learn practical techniques from qualified instructors. No matter how many JDM drifting games you happen to play, nothing prepares you for the experience of throwing a powerful car around a hairpin turn like a day at drift school!