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San Francisco, CA, November 17, 2020 – Dreamrbox has partnered with Delivering Good to raise funds needed to supply donations to those impacted by disaster and poverty. Retail and manufacturing companies have already donated at least 63 million items to the charity this year, valued at an estimated $200 million dollars. Delivering Good expects that there will continue to be large donations of new fashion, home, and children’s merchandise through the end of the year.

Since 1985, Delivering Good has been providing much-needed relief to those who are struggling with disaster or poverty. With Dreamrbox, they are launching a special holiday gift option: The Box of Good where “One Gift Becomes Two.” Each gift box includes a custom Superhero water bottle and a confetti of treats from leading brands. Each $49 box purchased will help deliver $100 in donated goods to those in need this holiday season. Ordering goes live from November 9, 2020, at www.dreamrbox.com.

“This year our society is being tested at all its stress points and so many people are in need or at risk,” says Delivering Good President & CEO Lisa Gurwitch. “We are helping people in need across the country and outside the U.S. who face poverty, homelessness, job loss, and more. For 35 years Delivering Good has been providing relief to people impacted by disasters as well as everyday poverty. Our strength depends on working together; the more we can give to those most in need, the faster we will all recover and grow stronger again.”

“We are changing the way fundraising & direct to consumer marketing is done and The Box of Good is an example of the new model we are pioneering, allowing consumers to purchase with purpose. It is a circle of giving. You open your heart to show gratitude and appreciation this holiday season to loved ones, friends, teachers, postal workers, and all those special in your life by sharing The Box of Good. With this choice, One Gift Becomes Two — with proceeds then donated to provide the neediest of individuals and families with essentials this holiday season.” Says Patti Hester Co-Founder and Chief Dreamr of Dreamrbox.

Dreamrbox is providing solutions to the challenge of how nonprofits raise funds this year and beyond. In-person events such as galas, silent auctions, and wine tastings are increasingly challenging and nonprofits must find new avenues to raise funds beyond the annual request for giving.

“Dreamrbox is a full-service company creating specially and limited edition brand box campaigns for the purpose of connecting cause with social commerce,” says Ms. Hester. “We could not be prouder of our partnership with Delivering Good in a year where so many find themselves struggling. This holiday season we believe that every gift must also be Delivering Good.”

About Dreamrbox:

Dreamrbox brings together best-in-class nonprofits and mission-driven brands to create and sell extraordinary, thematic, limited-edition gift boxes that support worthy causes that have a positive impact on our communities and the world we share. Our experienced, full-service support connects cause with commerce ensuring brands with purpose are professionally presented to caring consumers delivering, quality, joy, surprise, and a sense of doing good. Give. Get. Good.


About Delivering Good:

Delivering Good is supported by new product donations from hundreds of companies that make or market the goods. The donations are distributed through their network of community partners, many of whom run programs tackling issues related to poverty, foster care, youth support, female empowerment, military service, domestic violence, workforce re-entry, and disaster relief. Cash donations and other financial support help pay for programs, logistics, coordination, and freight costs so that new product reaches the people who need it most. Every $100 of cash can distribute $1,000 of new product. With an overhead of less than 3%, Delivering Good has been widely recognized for efficiency and impact. The charity helps people in need by providing new, essential products donated by manufacturers and retailers. Delivering Good does this to work towards a more equitable world where children, adults, and families facing economic, medical, social, and environmental challenges have useful items they need and value. New clothing, home goods, toys, furniture, shoes, books, and consumer products can give people the hope and self-esteem to overcome adversity and help reach their full potential. For more information, visit www.Delivering-Good.org or follow @DeliveringGood.

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