Dr. Kathleen Andersen’s SmoothCool Dry Eye treatment is helping patients relieve the uncomfortable symptoms associated with dry, itchy, red eyes that, if left untreated, can lead to blurred vision, eye fatigue, and long-term vision damage. Her treatment is quick, easy and convenient. Targeted pulses of light are used to heat the skin around the eye to stimulate tear ducts. Patients receive 3 to 4 treatments with little to no pain, each lasting 5 to 10 minutes, and then they’re free to return to their normal daily routine. 

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif.  — January 15, 2020 — If you’re one of the 30 million people experiencing the uncomfortable symptoms associated with chronic dry eyes, Orange County Optometrist Dr. Kathleen Andersen’s SmoothCool Dry Eye treatment may be the relief you’ve been looking for.

Discomfort from chronic dry eye, redness, and eye inflammation not only make it difficult to engage in daily activities — working on the computer or being active outside, for instance — but in the long-term, it can affect your vision. Dr. Andersen’s SmoothCool Dry Eye treatment utilizes the most advanced technology to treat this condition quickly, easily and with little to no pain. 

“The symptoms my patients are describing, from dry, scratchy eyes to blurred vision, are the result of their tear ducts not producing enough lubrication for the eye,” said Dr. Andersen. “Many of them use over-the-counter remedies like eye drops but that’s not addressing the root cause.”

The SmoothCool Dry Eye treatment uses targeted pulses of light to heat the skin around the eye and stimulate tear glands. During the treatment, which only lasts 5 to 10 minutes, a protective shield covers the patient’s eyes and a cool, light-conducting gel is applied to the treatment area. Patients who’ve undergone the procedure with an eye doctor reported feeling a warming sensation and little to no discomfort. 

“This treatment has been changing my patients’ lives. Afterward, they’re free to return to their normal routine, with the exception of wearing sunglasses and sunscreen outside for two weeks after treatment,” said Dr. Andersen. “For the best long-term results, we ask our patients to complete three to four treatment sessions about a month apart from each other. It’s quick and convenient, but produces significant results.”

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Dr. Kathleen Andersen has been an Optometrist in Racho Santa Margarita, Coto De Caza, and the surrounding communities since 1991. She is dedicated to excellence in optometry such as eyeglasses, iZon lenses, contact lenses, general eye examinations, and laser eligibility exams.

Throughout her long career, Dr. Andersen has participated in numerous studies on contacts and solutions. She particularly enjoys helping patients with dry eyes achieve some degree of success wearing contact lenses. Dr. Andersen was also the first optometrist in the nation to offer CIMT, the Carotid Artery Intima Thickness ultrasound, in detecting cardiovascular disease in her patients.

She received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Southern California College of Optometry in 1985 and worked for other practices before opening her own in 1991. Dr. Andersen also co-manages with the finest surgeons for LASIK and other ocular surgery like cataract surgery. 

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