At Dope Dog, their mission is to deliver quality solutions with real results. Their collection includes CBD dog treats, CBD oil, and CBD shampoo. Celebrating their 5th anniversary means providing their clients with huge sales!


Los Angeles, CA, August 10, 2022 — According to a study by Colorado State University, cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory effects and can help dogs with anxiety, aggression, pain, seizures, muscle spasms and neurological disorders. For all the dog owners who want to try this wellness solution, Dope Dog has a mission to deliver quality solutions with actual results, providing their customers with an extensive collection of products that includes CBD dog treats, CBD oil, and CBD shampoo.

Dope Dog is announcing their 5th anniversary and the enormous sales presented on its website. For example, every purchase of $100 or more comes with a bottle of Dope Human Gummies, $30 value, available while supplies last. Among their best-advertised offers, you’ll find:

  1. The UltiMUTT Bundle, for only $145, includes 1 Bag Of Calming Crunchies, 1 Bottle of Dope Human Extra Strength Gummies and 1 Dope Dropper Calm 500.
  2. Their Calming Bundle for $89.99 which has 1 Bag of Calming Crunchies and one pack of 500mg Calm Dope Dropper.
  3. Their Belly Bathtime Bundle that contains 1 Bag of Belly Bites and 1 Soothing Suds CBD shampoo for $49.99
  4. The Doggy Bag Bundle with 1 Bag Calming Crunchies, 1 Bag of Mobilty Munchies and 1 Bag of Belly Bites at $69.99
  5. Their Mobility Bundle, includes 1 Bag of Mobility Munchies and 200mg Mobility SalmonDropper for $59.99

Through their impact program, they are able to give back to the community regularly through partnerships with local dog rescues. It’s time to shop guilt-free, knowing that a portion of your purchase goes back to help a rescue dog in need.

With Dope Dog, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is created with quality human-grade ingredients, including lab-tested CBD derived from US-grown hemp. Their store is covered with CBD education guides, samples, and giveaways, and they also have an in-house team of product experts ready to help your team succeed.

If you’re still not sure about trying Dope Dog’s top-quality products, check out this testimonial from one of their current customers: “My three-year-old Pit/Boxer mix has regular grand mal seizures and is heavily medicated by the vet for her disorder. I started giving her Dope Dog after having tried other CBD products that didn’t help, and after just a week, my dog’s seizures have gone from grand mal to a much less dangerous type of seizure-completely! While this may not sound like much to a layman, for my dog, it’s a matter of life or death. Thank you, Dope Dog! PS: I just increased the Dope Dog for my girl from one a day to 2 a day and am anticipating even better results!”

Visit and find out more about their incredible Anniversary Sale and superior products that contain CBD For Pets. Dope Dog ships everywhere in the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. They cannot ship to 3 states: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota, due to CBD laws. Hopefully, things change soon in which case they can open it up to all states!

Contact Info:

Name: Michael Benatar
Organization: Dope Dog
Address: 7111 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90046
Phone: 3236011144