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Denver, CO, December 27, 2023— WildBlue Press is a Denver, Colorado based independent publisher specializing in true crime books that we publish in print, digital and audiobook formats. Our royalty rates are among the best in the industry.

Among the more than 270 titles in our catalogue, we have published more than 128 true crime titles and have a loyal true crime audience that comes to us when they need their next exciting true crime thriller. Our reader outreach via all of our social media channels, online advertising, email list, trailers and website content ensure your book will get the attention you deserve.

True crime publisher WildBlue is actively looking for true crime authors from this list of possibilities:

  • First-Time Authors: with a manuscript ready for review.
  • Veteran True Crime and Non-Fiction Authors: Your experience and expertise are invaluable to us.
  • Seasoned Journalists: We appreciate your insights into crime, courts, and law enforcement.
  • Literary Agents: Specializing in true crime? We’re looking for your best authors.
  • True Crime Groups and Associations: Your collective voices matter.
  • Personal Storytellers: If you have a unique perspective as a family member, law enforcement professional, or survivor, we want to share your story.

If you are an interested true crime author, then we invite you to submit your information at We look forward to hearing from you.

Media Contact:

Michael Cordova

WildBlue Press

P.O. Box 102440, Denver, CO 80250