getting through a divorce

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Marriage counseling is often thought of as happening during a marriage, to save relationships. But marriage counseling can also mean counseling that deals with the end of the marriage and its aftermath. Common wisdom suggests that divorce is akin to the death of a loved one. As such, divorce requires no less care of all who are touched by the loss. Practicing radical self-care is paramount. Seeking professional mental health care is not weak; it is brave and wise.

divorceWith the divorce rate in the U.S. currently around 50%, the good news is that so many are going through some version of the same type of loss. Marriage counseling and mental health services for children are now widely available. While some unfortunate stigma of divorce remains, many people you know are going through it, have been through it, or know someone who has. You’re not alone.


  1. Youth counseling may be in order. You will know whether this option is right for your children.
  2. Identifying three close friends or family members you trust to be your go-to squad can provide you with the support you need. These are the people who will take your insomnia calls at 3 a.m. without judgment. They may also serve as on-call babysitters for times when you need a break. This is not selfish. It’s like the airplane instructions that tell you to secure your oxygen mask first. You can’t care for others when you haven’t taken care of yourself first.
  3. A reputable counselor can guide you through the therapy process while safeguarding your privacy. Having both family and friends, plus a counselor, in your corner can serve you well. Your family and friends already know your backstory. However, your counselor will approach the situation with fresh eyes and may see dynamics your inner circle can’t.
  4. Ice cream.

When you are ready for divorce counseling, you may want to reflect on what you are looking for in a therapist. A compassionate listener is important. Experience with your unique circumstances counts for a lot. Health insurance can be critical. A sense that your therapist is trustworthy is essential. Contact Keri Powell Therapy to find the right counselor for you.