Whatever demons you are struggling with, Division42™ isn’t here to cure them. Division42™ is here to enable you with the right tools, tips, and advice to help you stay mentally strong to battle those demons through the use of fitness in your daily life.


Coral Springs, FL, February 21, 2022 — In 2020, almost 53 million Americans struggled with mental illness, making up just over 20% of the population. While issues with mental health can be overwhelming, there are natural ways to tackle your symptoms, for example, exercise. And that’s where Division42™ story begins, with that great feeling you get when walking out of the gym after a hard-fought workout, and it never really ends. Why? Because maintaining your mental health is a constant battle. So whatever demons you are struggling with, Division42 isn’t here to cure them; Division42™ is here to enable you with the right tools, tips, and advice to help you stay mentally strong to battle those demons through the use of Fitness in your daily life!

Why are they named Division42™? The number 42 has come to represent “life” in popular culture. “Division” describes a community, like D 1 Athletics for insurance. Division42™ is setting out to create a community of life to empower people to use fitness to cope with any mental health related struggles in their lives. Division42™’s mission is to Divide 42 % of all profits and distribute to non-profits taking on mental health initiatives.

One of the most significant assets of Division42™ is the passion that its founders inject into the company. Chris Coll, the founder, was born and raised in South Florida. Commitment and loyalty are the intrinsic values embodied by Chris. Paired with an entrepreneurial mindset, these traits result in his quick achievement of projects or business ventures. Overall, Chris Coll is self-motivated, driven, and attacks every task with absolute perseverance. He has firsthand knowledge just how debilitating dealing with mental health struggles can be. After using fitness to battle his struggles, he is striving to create this community and empower anyone else to use fitness to cope & help with their struggles. He is also the founder of the Dive – Live Dating App – driveapp.us.

Charlie Brown Jr., the new co-founder, was born and raised in the small town of Avon Park, Florida. Charlie learned to love the land early on in life, which led to his initial immersion in a career in Agriculture. After excelling in contest and leadership in the FFA, Charlie ran for President of the Florida FFA Association; becoming the state’s first African-American president in the process. Additionally, Charlie is also on the co-founding team of the Roci Group Inc. The umbrella company for Florida Airport Management and American Hemp Manufacturing.

Division42™ offers a wide variety of top-quality supplements created for achieving outstanding results and helping you feel better. Their products also sell very well; that’s why they also offer an Affiliate Program, where all its participants will be able to earn a 20% commission on every sale. Influencers and affiliate marketers have a huge opportunity to make a passive income on all our products. After being approved, you will receive a discount code for 10% off on the first order for the customers you refer and a 20 % commission on every order that a customer you refer makes. Email [email protected] for any questions and receive additional unique codes, marketing material, or knowledge to help you succeed.

For more information about Division42™’s top-quality products, visit https://division42.co/. If you ever experience symptoms of mental illness, you are not alone. Division42™ is here to help you!

Contact Info:

Name: Chris Coll
Organization: Division42™
Phone: 954-461-9187
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://division42.co