Miami, FL, September 22, 2023 – Meenakshi Suri is delighted to announce the highly anticipated audiobook release of her book “Focus on Perspective,” an enlightening journey through timeless tales from world traditions, skillfully narrated by the talented Soneela Nankani. This audiobook promises to captivate listeners with its profound teachings, inviting them to explore the depths of self-unfoldment through the lens of ancient wisdom.

With a blend of original tales and inspiration from timeless epics such as India’s Mahabharata, Buddhist and Greek sources, “Focus on Perspective” seamlessly weaves together stories with contemporary life lessons, presenting a unique and practical approach to personal growth and self-awareness. With Soneela Nankani’s captivating voice bringing the narratives to life, listeners will be transported into a world where age-old wisdom meets actionable insights to tackle situations that require clear decision-making skills.

Meenakshi Suri is the founder of CoCreator Circle which offers regular meetings of meditation, healing and instruction in holistic living. “Focus on Perspective” lends a fresh perspective on how ancient tales can provide invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of today’s world. Through relatable characters and situations, Meenakshi skillfully imparts profound wisdom that encourages listeners to reflect on their own lives and choices.

Soneela Nankani, a seasoned narrator with a gift for storytelling, lends her voice to the audiobook, infusing each chapter with depth and emotion. Nankani’s ability to convey the essence of the stories, along with Meenakshi Suri’s insightful prose, ensures that “Focus on Perspective” is not just an audiobook, but an immersive experience that resonates with audiences across all walks of life. She’s narrated over 400 titles including books by Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Namrata Patel, and Marissa Stapley.

Soneela stated, “I deeply enjoyed narrating this book and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for some peace of mind. Meenakshi’s book is thoughtful, engaging and very helpful for navigating today’s chaotic world.”

“I am thrilled to share ‘Focus on Perspective’ with listeners,” Meenakshi Suri expressed. “This audiobook is a culmination of years of research and reflection, aimed at helping individuals find new ways to approach life’s challenges, while contemplating new ways of looking at timeless tales which have universal appeal, I believe that Soneela Nankani’s narration adds a layer of authenticity and relatability that will greatly enhance the listener’s experience.”

Listeners can anticipate a variety of themes explored throughout the audiobook, ranging from resilience and adaptability to mindfulness and empathy. Stories with intricate characters and moral dilemmas serve as powerful tools for understanding the nuances of human behavior and personal growth.

“Focus on Perspective” audiobook is not only a testament to the rich cultural heritage of India and the ancient world,  but also a testament to the enduring power of stories to shape our lives. It provides a bridge between ancient wisdom and contemporary living, inviting listeners to introspect and embark on their journey of self-improvement.

One reader, Erik Figueredo stated, “I love the way the book breaks down stories into key takeaways to help with different life situations. It is a helpful guide and a joy to read!”

The audiobook is available on all major audiobook platforms, offering listeners a convenient way to immerse themselves in its wisdom. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, a deeper understanding of Indian philosophy, or simply a captivating listening experience, “Focus on Perspective” promises to deliver on all fronts.

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