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Consumers have a lot of choices when buying beauty products. This article explores why organic skincare items are the best option.

Are organic beauty products better for you? Many people simplify health to diet and exercise. But what about the impact of the products we use on our bodies? Can these be bad for you and are some worse than others?

It’s easy to forget your skin is an organ. It will absorb virtually anything that’s put on it. That’s important because the average person uses 10 different skincare products each day. These chemicals enter the bloodstream and affect various areas of your body.

That’s why you should choose organic skin care products. These provide countless benefits for you and the world.

Quality Guaranteed

Organic skincare products are made to a higher level of quality. Due to this, they provide the body with more nutrients and that’s important. As we age we need a great number of nutrients to keep our skin healthy and the nutrients found in organic products nourish our skin more synthetically derived products.

Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder believes there’s another benefit of quality organic products. They include probiotics. Probiotics are found in various organic skincare items including moisturizers. These boost levels of healthy microflora, improving the efficiency of the digestive system. They also remove toxins that cause the skin to age.

Higher Levels Of Antioxidants

More antioxidants are found in organic skincare products than others on the market. These help fight oxidative stress in the body. This can cause issues like the breakdown of collagen. That’s responsible for keeping skin looking young. Studies show antioxidants reduce damage caused by sun exposure as well.  Dermatologist and medical director of Dermstore, Ashley Magovern, says they they do this by lowering levels of inflammation, which in turn reduce the signs of ageing.

Antioxidants can even help prevent skin cancer and have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Numerous antioxidants are used in organic skin care products. Vitamin C is one of the most thoroughly researched antioxidants typically present. As well as being a free radical scavenger, the antioxidant will boost collagen production and ensure that dark spots will fade. Vitamin C is also capable of penetrating deeper levels of the skin.

Most non-organic skincare products contain synthetic vitamin C. An artificial derivative of the original vitamin, this doesn’t provide the same benefits. Some research suggests it might even increase levels of oxidation.

As a rule, synthetic vitamins should be avoided. They tend to include materials such as volatile acids, petroleum, and coal tar. The body doesn’t recognize these vitamins. They are treated as toxins. Instead of benefiting your body, energy is spent on removing them.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant sourced from the skins of fruits and berries found in organic skincare products. It is often used for organic products. Plants use it to protect themselves from issues such as UV radiation and extreme climate changes. Studies do suggest that it might be key in the fight against cancer, keeping cells healthy.

No Harmful Chemicals

Organic skincare products do not contain harmful chemicals. Most other beauty products will use a variety of chemicals as ingredients. Examples include artificial colors, fragrances, silicones, phthalates, and PEGs. These may irritate the skin and can disrupt hormones when they become lodged in fat modules. They are particularly harmful to people with certain skin conditions like eczema.

According to the latest research, the average woman will come into contact with more than 500 chemicals daily. One extreme example to be aware of here is parabens. Described as skincare’s ‘biggest bad guy’ by Elle, they are present in almost 99% of non-organic skincare products. They seal the skin completely. No waste products can leave, which causes further irritation. The skin also loses the ability to produce fats and virtually no oxygen can reach the skin. It’s even possible for the body to develop a type of addiction to this substance derived from petroleum. The issues don’t end there. Research has also linked parabens to breast cancer. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as avoiding products labeled without parabens. Even ‘paraben-free’ labeled products could still contain them. That’s why buying organic is the best way to avoid them.

Organic products do not contain these dangerous chemicals or substances. As such, they will be perfect for virtually every skin type and are considered safer. From Organic Moisturizer to Organic Foundation, organic skin care products hydrate and nourish skin by using all natural and organic ingredients.

Are Organic Beauty Products Greener?

Organic beauty products such as Organic Eye Cream are better for the environment because they made from plants which were grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This helps ensure the soil remains healthy. On top of this, non-organic skin-care products include harmful chemicals that wash away in the shower and end up in water systems, eventually the soil. Many of the chemicals that are found in these products such as petrochemicals are not biodegradable. They directly lead to the further desolation of the planet.

Natural products are typically biodegradable. Even if they do end up in the water systems, they will be absorbed by the soil and reused. Many beauty experts have expressed the potential organic skincare products have to help the planet. Amarjit Sahota is the President of Organic Monitor. At the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit 2016, they noted various issues with non-organic products such as:

  • Reduction in animal plankton population levels
  • Livestock exposed to soil chemicals
  • Dioxane causing a reduction in the insect population
  • Chemicals such as BHA and BHT leading to death in shellfish and fish

Are There Any Skincare Products That Can’t Be made Organically?

Many people believe that a lot of skin care products can’t be organic. This isn’t true but some are inherently synthetic. This includes retinol. The good news? Individuals who use the right organic products won’t need retinol to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.

Numerous myths and misconceptions surround organic skincare. Yet research shows that there are countless benefits of choosing these over synthetic materials. They benefit your skin, your body, and even the environment. Many experts already claim the future of the beauty world is with natural, organic skincare routines.