Atlanta, GA October 20, 2020 – DigitalGift® is leveling the playing field for small business merchants in the $337 billion dollar gift card industry with the announcement of its Buy Local platform.

Plastic gift card programs are expensive to operate, and as a result, have all but locked small merchants out of the multi-billion-dollar industry.  DigitalGift® is changing that.

As convenience and personalization become drivers in gifting decisions, more people are choosing digital gift cards over plastic gift cards.  As this shift happens, small businesses will be able to gain meaningful market share in the gift card space, creating new revenue streams and more targeted, affordable marketing campaigns. The DigitalGift® app, with its patented, cutting-edge technology and easy to use interface, currently provides over 250 nationally and internationally recognized brands with a digital gift card presence and now the company plans to do the same for small merchants with its Buy Local platform.

DigitalGift® Buy Local program will give consumers the ability to buy gift cards from local businesses by doing a zip code search in the app. Local merchants, likewise, will be able to run very targeted marketing campaigns based on zip code or their own current customer bases, using the same technology.

Jim Clark, CEO of DigitalGift® says, “This new capability provides a much-needed avenue for small merchants to stay relevant and enjoy the loyalty that national brands have garnered from their customers for decades. We are proud to be able to offer this on our app at a time when small businesses, now more than ever, need to bring revenue back.”

Merchants interested in learning more about joining the DigitalGift® Buy Local platform can inquire here:  Buy Local

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