Diabetic Shoes HuB, LLC, an online supplier of diabetic shoes, socks and insoles based in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers the reminder that exercise remains essential during the ongoing pandemic, and proper footwear is inherently important especially for diabetics.


Scottsdale, AZ, April 17, 2020 – During the ongoing pandemic and the stay at home orders in place, it is vitally important to exercise. Exercise is integral for staying active and proven to improve health, mood, and overall well being. Proper fitting footwear is necessary to engage in exercise to prevent unnecessary injury, especially for diabetics.

People with diabetes are often at risk of developing complications related to poor circulation, conditions which are often most evident in the extremities, and in particular in the feet. Diabetic shoes, which are also called extra depth shoes or therapeutic shoes, are specially designed shoes often featuring diabetic insoles that are intended to minimize the risk of medical issues in the feet by providing a proper fit along with added support and comfort.

The Diabetic Shoes HuB is the manifestation of a dream to help others by serving them in any way possible. Because the number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is increasing steadily, Diabetic Shoes HuB believes they can make a difference by both offering the best products available and helping to increase awareness around diabetes.

Diabetic shoes can be categorized as orthopedic shoes, and the purpose of both is to offer footwear to accommodate hard to fit problem feet. Diabetic shoes are available in multiple widths and feature added depth to ensure a proper fit, reducing the danger of skin breakdown for diabetics experiencing foot variations or deformities.

Calluses, ulcers, and swelling can be caused by inadequately fitting footwear, and can cause a whole range of issues, possibly even culminating in the need to amputate the foot. A diabetic shoe can help avoid foot wounds and other problems while encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle by increasing range of motion and overall movement.

It is important to become familiar with the specific features you require when looking for diabetic footwear.

The mission of Diabetic Shoes HuB is to offer a combination of the best possible service and a wide selection of diabetic shoes and related footwear at the best prices available.  Diabetic Shoes HuB is constantly striving to improve and expand their existing product offerings of diabetic walking shoes for mendiabetic walking shoes for women, and diabetic shoe inserts. Diabetic Shoes HuB is dedicated to helping customers find the best options to suit your individual needs.

Diabetic Shoes HuB’s customer service ensures that any potential service issues, while rare, always receive careful attention. At the Diabetic Shoes HuB, they believe that it is about more than just product selection, customer service, speedy delivery, and everyday low prices. They believe most importantly that it is about helping the customer.

About the Company: Established in 2008, the Diabetic Shoes HuB is an online shoe store specializing in diabetic, therapeutic and orthopedic shoes. The company provides a vast selection of specialty footwear for people with foot health complications and hard to fit feet. Shoes are made available to everyone across the United States through the website and are delivered right to the customer’s door.

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