Slovenia, 30 January 2024— Dewesoft proudly announces the 6th Dewesoft Measurement Conference 2024, scheduled for April 16 – 18 in Laško, Slovenia. This highly-anticipated conference is the best way for test engineers to explore the world of next-generation measurement solutions, network with renowned industry professionals, and expand their expertise in test and measurement technologies.

Dr. Jure Knez, founder and president of Slovenian-based high-tech company Dewesoft, commented: “These past years have been transformative for Dewesoft’s R&D efforts. Our commitment to innovation has resulted in significant milestones, from the successful delivery of a new embedded DAQ system OBSIDIAN, to the in-house development of our first sensor. We also embarked on a joint venture with a competitor to create an open standard toolbox DAQ development called OpenDAQ. It’s a new era, and I am genuinely excited to showcase these innovations and share our knowledge with industry professionals at the Dewesoft MC2024.”

Why You Should Attend 

The Dewesoft Measurement Conference 2024 (MC2024) will feature a broad range of keynote speakers, workshops, and presentations. It will highlight technologies and approaches that demonstrate the transformative impact of Dewesoft products in solving complex measurement challenges. MC2024 will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to interact one-on-one with Dewesoft’s team of experts, who will answer questions, provide personalized recommendations, and offer hands-on demonstrations of technologies and solutions.

Each conference day will explore specific topics. Tuesday will examine monitoring applications and related industry trends, Wednesday will focus on the automotive field, and Thursday will spotlight the aerospace sector. Attendees can rent booths in the exhibition hall, allowing them to connect with test and measurement professionals and share their expertise and solutions.

According to Dr. Knez, “We see the Dewesoft Measurement Conference as a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and professional growth. It’s not just about showcasing our products; it’s about fostering a community that ignites innovation in measurement technology.”

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About Dewesoft:

Dewesoft is a leading provider of data acquisition (DAQ) and analysis solutions dedicated to simplifying the advancement of humanity through innovative measurement technologies. With a relentless commitment to pushing the boundaries of measurement technology, Dewesoft delivers customer-focused solutions that empower engineers and researchers worldwide. From high-precision DAQ systems to intuitive analysis software, Dewesoft continues to revolutionize the way measurements are conducted across various industries.

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