Devin Albritten has fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening his first retail location. With over 89 google reviews and a perfect 5.0 rating, his custom jewelry gallery contains pendants, watches, chokers, diamond, and heart-shaped earrings. His specialty is custom creations, he welcomes new customers to email [email protected] to create a custom Devin Albritten Creation. 


Jacksonville, FL May 20, 2020— Devin Albritten of Devin Albritten Custom Jewelers is pleased to announce the opening of his newest location in Jacksonville, Florida. Albritten is a skilled artisan and jeweler, who works with customers to design gold and diamond-studded rings, necklaces, and bracelets. He prides himself on turning raw essentials into treasured, custom creations. Devin is no stranger to the raw essentials of life. From an early age, he’s harbored a passion for art and a flair for design. Over the years, he has worked as an apprentice and trained with some of the most well-known jewelers in the world. Today, he runs an online store and creates custom pieces. Many of his designs are handmade, molded, shaped, and polished. 

“I’m inspired by what I see, my creations take shape slowly and with the patience of a fine craftsman. Jewelry is like a tattoo. It should be timeless, bring back fond memories, and be proud to own.” (Devin Albritten)

In addition to specializing in one of a kind, handmade creations, Devin runs an online gallery. The gallery contains pendants, watches, chokers, diamonds, and heart-shaped earrings. His most popular items are the diamond pendants, available in three stunning designs– circle, heart, and flower. They are an everyday accent for the one who has it all. The latest addition to the gallery is a ruby gem earring, pendant, and diamond-encrusted ring. The jewelry set is the perfect styling for weddings, birthdays, and special occasions. Other specialty designs include 10k (12) Premium Gold Teeth, available in Diamond Dust And Perm Cuts. 

“I feel satisfaction when my clients become speechless, gazing at the artistry. They get to see their creation for the first time, revealed.” (Devin Albritten) 

The Custom Jewelers is located at 5128 Blanding Blvd. Jacksonville FL 32210. Devin invites new and existing customers to bring their own treasures–magazine clippings, saved videos, screenshots, other jewelry pieces, and even dreams to help craft their custom experience. Visit Devin Albritten Custom Jewelry on Facebook to view his latest designs and follow @gold_bustdown on Instagram for other more stunning creations. 

About Devin Albritten Custom Jewelry:  Devin is a skilled artist that designs custom pieces. From an early age, Devin had a flair for fashion and the interesting. He began first designing jewelry for family and friends. As he built his confidence, he sought out apprentice training from the most recognizable names in the world. Today is he among the most credentialed jewelers in the southeast. To begin crafting your next occasion with a custom piece of jewelry, email Devin at [email protected]  

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Devin Albritten
Organization: Devin Albritten Custom Jewelry
Address: 10250 Normandy Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32221
Phone number: (904)600-4700