DevFortress is empowering businesses’ digital presence through React.js frontend development, Node.js backend development, Shopify App development, and more. Its all-inclusive services offer clients professional and organized solutions for long-lasting digital experiences. 


Montreal, CA, September 8, 2022— DevFortress is helping businesses create a long-lasting digital presence through software engineering and consulting services. The Montreal-based company offers software development services such as React.js frontend, Node.js backend, and Shopify app development. Through an experienced and passionate team, the firm empowers businesses by establishing durable technological solutions. 

React.js Frontend Development is one of the most popular and convenient JavaScript frameworks that offer a seamless and interactive user interface (UI). DevFortress is an expert in this area, with over eight years of experience working with it. The developers use a flexible approach and technical expertise to build excellent digital experiences for businesses and their customers. 

“Our team has more than eight years of experience working with React.js. For mobile applications, we use React-Native, which offers a native performance and a single-code base for iOS and Android. DevFortress offers the best React.js and React-Native developers in the market working with popular frameworks such as Material UI, Ant design, Native Base, Next.js, Shopify Polaris, and more,” said a DevFortress representative. 

The company’s other specialization is Node.js Backend Development; a JavaScript run time environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. Built by American software engineer Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js makes it possible to build scalable network applications. DevFortress has over ten years of experience working with this runtime and has built applications that serve millions of users. 

The company serves all kinds of businesses, from startups to medium enterprises and large corporations. It is the one-stop shop for web development, software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce, and mobile app development. 

“We offer custom web development, eCommerce, mobile app development, and SaaS. Our team is passionate about building long-lasting digital experiences and ready to go the extra mile to help your organization with durable solutions. The flexible approach and technical expertise of our staff make us the perfect technology partner,” added the representative. 

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, and most startups want to be part of it. Moreover, Shopify apps let business owners add extra functions and extensions to suit their business needs. DevFortress empowers businesses through Shopify app development and integrating these apps with the platform. The company brings over five years of experience working with the latest Shopify technologies. 

Some organizations and companies that have benefited from DevFortress’s software development services include, McGill University, the Power Sector Benefit Trust, the Canadian Union Of Skilled Workers, Geek-it! and Cloquia. By leveraging the Agile methodology, the company iterates quickly and delivers often to keep the client updated on the progress. 

About DevFortress: 

DevFortress is a software engineering and consultation company offering agile, professional, and organized solutions to empower the company’s digital presence. The firm specializes in custom web development, SaaS, mobile app, and eCommerce site development. The company’s passionate and professional team delivers custom software solutions that drive business growth and digital transformation. 

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