Mind Is Matter is a new mobile app that helps children develop emotional skills, and instill positive emotional development.


United States, March 29, 2022— ¬†Developing positive emotional intelligence at an early age is important and is something that helps us cope with difficulties, respect differences, and gain a social perspective by working in collaboration with others.

The Mind Is Matter app is here to help your child in developing emotional skills.

The Mind Is Matter App was created by former college star athlete and beauty pageant contestant, India Cuttino. India remembered all the times she felt anxiety and stress when competing, all while trying to keep up with her studies. She always wished there was a place she could go to help guide her through all those different and, at times, confusing emotions.

“I came up with this app in order to provide the help that I wish I had back then,” said India.

Right upon opening the app, your child will be asked “how do you feel today?” Their varying answer will prompt the app to guide them in different directions in order to help them process their feelings. 

This app is especially helpful for children whose emotional skills are still growing. The app is also helpful to parents who are looking to learn more about their child’s feelings.

“I have never seen an app like this before, it’s really cool and several children in my family use it!” said one user of the Mind Is Matter app.

The app provides real-time responses to answers and is sure to help develop emotional skills in a positive manner.

Parents can also view a variety of helpful articles in the ‘learn tab’.

The Mind Is Matter app is designed to be a safe space that helps guide children through the emotions they feel throughout the day.

The app also has activities for children of different ages.

“Since kids of different ages process information differently, we have added sections for multiple age groups,” said a member of the development team.

Mind Is Matter is available on the Apple store and is present on various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t let emotions overwhelm you or your child. Use the Mind Is Matter app to better understand their emotions and further build positive emotional intelligence!

Contact Information:

India Cuttino
Mind Is Matter
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