In today’s society, mental health is a topic of great concern. The mission of Destiny Walks is to encourage and inspire others while helping them to realize the creative power of the spoken word through a written proclamation.


Missouri City, TX, November 16, 2021 –You shall decree a thing, and it shall be established unto you” – Job 22:28. A decree is synonymous to a law, however, any unwritten law is of non-effect because it cannot be enforced. Therefore, the decree must be made known and declared or proclaimed into the atmosphere. Remember, that we are like our heavenly Father, who spoke the world into existence. Destiny Walks was founded under this belief and scriptural text. With the mission of encouraging and inspiring others while helping them realize the creative power of the spoken word through a written proclamation.

In 2017, as its founder began to notice a number of people around her experiencing what appeared to be unsurmountable losses, she prayed and asked The Highest God for an answer that would help her bring comfort during their individual times of need. It was then that the heavenly Father explained, in times of old when a king enacted a law, it was written on a scroll, opened, read, and then proclaimed into the atmosphere. He then instructed her to mat and frame the proclamations because they were prolific in nature. Exactly one year later, He told her that she had sown so many seeds that she had grown a business. Shortly thereafter, she heard Him say, “There are many walks along the path to your destiny. The path you choose is shaped by your words. So, proclaim your destiny one step at a time.” – which now is the slogan for Destiny Walks- that was the moment she truly realized this was a God-idea and began her partnership with the Holy Spirit because each proclamation is a direct download from the throne of heaven.

At Destiny Walks, you’ll be able to choose from their different categories a proclamation to get you started, with 6 different fields including:

  1. Bereavement: Since the loss of a loved one can be quite devastating; yet, it is also a time when people really need to know you care. Finding the right words to express sincere condolences is not always easy. Flowers wither, but words last forever.
  2. Encouragement: Perhaps you’re looking for a special way to say thank you or just encourage someone -or even yourself- who needs encouragement.
  3. Family: Give yours -or other- loved ones the right word for the right time.
  4. Leaders: Leaders are important people who, very often, wear many hats. Those hats can become quite heavy at times. So, why not take the time to show appreciation for the leader in your life.
  5. Prayer: Whether it is for healing or protection you’ll find your ideal pray at Destiny Walks.
  6. Other: a diversity of proclamations for many different occasions. 

Another more customized service is their selection of Greeting Cards: each two-sided greeting card contains a proclamation on the front and a hand-scripted message or note on the back, along with your personal signage. They’ll even frame it for an added touch of personalization! Check out their diversity of categories such as Encouragement Greeting Cards or greeting cards for birthdays.

To learn more about Destiny Walks great mission visit and find out more information regarding their Proclamations and Personalized Greeting Cards.

Contact Info

Name: PR Brown
Organization: Destiny Walks
Address: P.O. Box 201 Missouri City, Texas 77459
Phone: 281-896-8840