India, 30 June 2020​: Derma Essentia offers some of the best skin and hair care products. For hair care, they offer a variety of products to make hair healthier and improve the scalp. Some of the products they sell include shampoo, conditioner, serums, and even supplements. This brand targets all hair concerns, from dandruff all the way to damaged and frizzy hair.

Derma Essentia is releasing a strengthening hair care segment designed to prevent hair fall out and stimulate hair regrowth. Some of the products in this line include serums as well as an entire kit with strengthening hair care products.

One of the most popular products is the Trichoedge ​anti hair fall serum​. If your hair is thinning, just apply the hair serum to prevent fall-out and stimulate healthy hair. Swiss Ingredients such as Ocimum bascilicum Hairy Root Culture Extract prevent hair loss.

This serum nourishes and rejuvenates the scalp with advanced Trichoedge technology.

Ingredients such as Redensyl activate hair follicle stem cells. You’ll not only prevent hair fall out but you’ll have a thicker hair.

As you continue using the serum, you’ll experience more healthy hair. This is thanks to Hairgenyl, which prompts the growth of the hair follicle. Anagaline also regulates hormonal imbalances, reactivating hair growth in the scalp.

Is your hair falling out and you’re not sure what you need? Derma Essentia offers the ultimate ​hair fall solution​. This kit combines three of Derma Essentia’s most powerful products. This includes the Trichoedge hair revitalizing shampoo, the hair serum, and nutritional hair support supplements.

The shampoo not only cleans your hair but enriches your scalp, preventing fallout. The shampoo is packed with vitamins, Caffeine and phytoextracts to nourish your scalp. Along with strengthening your hair, this shampoo will help treat dry and damaged hair.

You should also be treating your hair from the inside. Taking certain supplements, such as the Trichoedge Nutritional Hair Support tablets, can make scalp and hair roots nourished and recovery easy. Advanced Trichoedge technology prevents hair thinning and prevents hair loss. The nutrients in the supplement will also help your hair grow. Moreover vitamins such as omega fatty acids and biotin condition your hair from the inside.

Most hair grows about 1 cm per month but that doesn’t mean you cannot speed up the process. Here are some simple ​hair growth tips​ to grow hair faster. Eat a healthy diet, brush your hair gently, reduce stress levels, trim your hair often, avoid excessive hairstyling and heat tools, condition your hair regularly, and sleep on a silk pillow cover.

Split ends inhibit hair growth so we recommend trimming hair regularly and excessive hair brushing causes breakage so don’t brush your hair frequently. Use silk pillow covers that are less stressful on your hair so you wake up with soft and shiny hair.

About the Company​: Derma Essentia, cosmeceutical company wants to make a difference in your life. This is why they only offer the highest quality & dermatologically tested skin and hair care products. They use nature-inspired ingredients and bio-actives that are backed by science for safety and effectiveness.

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