Dental Care of North Carolina, a dentist in Morrisville, NC and Greensboro, NC run by Dr. William Gross, provides a number of great options for tooth replacement, as well as a range of other dental services, in a patient-centered office with kind, highly trained and experienced staff.

Morrisville/Greensboro, NC – Teeth do much more than simply allow us to eat whatever we want. They also help our faces look the way they do, allow us to pronounce words properly, and contribute to self-esteem and a sense of well being. With so many great options available to replace a missing tooth or teeth, it is no longer necessary to live without them.

Dental Care of North Carolina has years of experience providing a range of dental services to their patients, including helping them recover their confident smiles after the loss of one or more teeth.

When it comes to replacing teeth, one of the best options is dental implants. 

Dental implants are either Titanium, Zirconia, or Tantalum posts that the dentist will place in the jaw bone, forming a foundation to which the replacement teeth are attached. In addition to being the most stable form of replacement teeth available, the technology used for dental implants helps preserve the jaw bone, and gives the patient a more comfortable and natural-looking smile.

Implants are the perfect solution for patients missing either a single tooth or multiple teeth, and provides the closest thing there is to a natural tooth.

When you come to Dr. William Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina, you are coming to a dentist in Morrisville and Greensboro, NC who makes a point of providing each patient with professional, personalized dental care. The patient-centered office is warm and welcoming, and the highly skilled and experienced staff is always committed to making your comfort and well-being their top priority.

Whether it’s replacing a lost tooth or just a cleaning, the dentist and staff at Dental Care of North Carolina are committed to excellence. They spare no effort to provide the quality dental care you can count on. 

So if you are tired of living with missing teeth and want to restore function to your mouth and reclaim your smile, or if you are simply in need of a checkup, cleaning or any other dental services, call and schedule an appointment. They will discuss all available options with you. You can always trust that your dental health is in good hands with Dr. William Gross and the compassionate team of Dental Care of North Carolina.

About the Company: Dr. William Gross at Dental Care of North Carolina has years of knowledge and experience providing dental implants to his patients. He is very caring and passionate about his patients, and he has a great team that will make sure that the patient’s experience is always a great one. Whether it is one implant or your entire mouth-I started placing implants in 1988. There are over 100 implant companies but only 4 that are on the cutting edge in design, research, and quality. We use two of those companies.

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