Dental Care of North Carolina offers their patients a clear, discreet and nearly invisible option for straight, beautiful teeth.


Morrisville, NC, April 21, 2020- Dental Care of North Carolina, with locations in Morrisville and Greensboro has been offering a quicker, easier, less painful way of obtaining straight teeth. Half of all orthodontic treatment today is geared towards Invisalign clear aligners. The worry of having a “metal” mouth, with brackets and wires that hurt, come off, catch food, alter the way you eat is no longer necessary 50% of the time. Dr.Gross has more than 18 years of experience with Invisalign and knows you will prefer this technology over conventional braces.

The Invisalign treatment is a system for improving teeth by using clear, plastic trays that have been specifically mapped out to conform to each patient’s mouth and bite. The system uses a 3D printing technology that allows the trays to maneuver the patient’s teeth. The clear aligners are very accurate in moving the teeth into place because the trays are cad/cam laser made individually and custom for each and every patient’s unique situation.

Another huge benefit to Invisalign for patients, besides the fact that they are clear and not as noticeable as traditional braces, is that the treatment doesn’t require as many trips to the dentist. This is because there are no wires that require tightening, like there would be with classic braces. The dentists at Dental Care of North Carolina with locations in Morrisville and Greensboro say that a visit once every 4-8 weeks will suffice. At those visits, new aligners will be given, adjustments made as necessary, and confirmation that the treatment is progressing properly.

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Dental Care of North Carolina prides themselves on affording each of their patients with personalized, professional dental care while paying close attention to detail. The patient-centered office is warm and welcoming, and the highly trained and experienced staff is committed to keeping their patient’s comfort and well-being at the top of the priority list. Providers and staff alike are always happy to answer any questions or to discuss any of the patient’s and potential patient’s concerns. With their unwavering commitment to excellence and constant desire to exceed patient expectations, the Dental Care of North Carolina team spare no effort to provide the quality dental care their patients can count on. Patients can always trust that their dental health is in good hands with Dr. William Gross and the compassionate team of Dental Care of North Carolina! They’re here to make going to the dentist in North Carolina easier than ever.

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