dental braces for adults in LiverpoolThis guide to dental braces for adults will tell you all you need to know about the different types of braces available, and much more.

We’ll answer the most common questions we get asked by our customers, including everybody’s favourite: how much do braces cost? 

In fact…

When it comes to pricing, you may even be eligible for a discount (more on this in a moment).

If you’re near us, you can pop into one of our Liverpool dental clinics or our Southport dental clinic and get all the information you need.

Let’s get started:

How much does it cost to get braces?

Usually, the first question people have is about pricing. The simple answer is that it depends on the type of orthodontic treatment you opt for (what type of braces you choose). The fact is that there are various award-winning solutions available today for straightening teeth; the days of the old metal braces are long gone.

At our dental clinics, we offer several leading brands of braces, including:

Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 1Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 2Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 3Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 4

So, pricing depends mostly on the treatment you choose. Naturally, everybody patient is assessed before the treatment, so pricing can also vary sometimes depending on the patient.

Can I get a discount on braces?

Orthodontists near you may have offers from time to time. For example, Puredental is a Platinum provider of Invisalign, and we are able to offer significant discounts from time to time. We also offer 0% finance of many of our services, not just orthodontics but also cosmetic dentistry and face enhancements. And, as many dentists do, we offer payment plans and a membership, which gives you access to bigger discounts across selected treatments.

If you’re not in Liverpool or Southport, it’s still worth searching for vouchers, promos, and offers from dentists near you.

Ultimately, the best price for dental braces depends very much on the dental clinic you attend, the type of treatment you choose, and the work needed.

What’s the best age to get dental braces? Is there an age limit?

There is no best age for having dental braces fitted. As long as there is healthy bone, we can move teeth – that’s what the initial assessment helps us determine.

But the braces are about straightening crooked teeth, not about age. If you have uneven teeth and you want straighter teeth, then this is the way to do it.

Gone is the social stigma of adults wearing braces. Back in the days of the old metal braces, kids were the ones wearing them. These days, however, adults were braces just as much as children and teens do. As we say, it’s about aligning teeth, regardless of the person.

So, whether you’re 30, 40, 50, or a senior, dental braces are

If you’re researching braces for a child or a teen, see our dental braces for teens.

Which type of braces are best?

There are various dental braces options for adults in the market. New technology helps all manufacturer develop better products, from clear braces or invisible braces all the way to dental braces that can very quickly realign teeth. All this means more choices for consumers.

Each of the brands we offer are market leaders in their own right – they all have excellent products. Which product you choose is mostly down to personal preference and budget. During your assessment, we may also recommend a particular brand if we think it’s more suitable in your situation.

Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 1Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 2Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 3Dental Braces for Adults in Liverpool & Southport [4 Options] 4

Benefits of dental braces

For many adults, wearing dental braces is a personal choice, and many choose to have their teeth straightened for many different reasons. Some of those reasons can include:

  • confidence: having straighter teeth can be a boost of confidence for some people, especially if they were self-conscious or embarrassed about their teeth before the treatment.
  • oral health: for some people, having their teeth straightened is more about oral health. Fixing crooked teeth can mean the difference between being able to clean teeth and gums effectively and not being able to reach certain areas, which may eventually lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

According to Wikipedia: “dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person’s bite, while also aiming to improve dental health.”

Everybody has their own reason. Some movie stars and celebrities have orthodontic treatment to enhance their looks; other people do it to feel better about themselves. Your reason may be different, of the same; our job is to help you achieve it.

How soon will my teeth move with braces? Do braces start working immediately? How long does it take for teeth to move with braces?

How quickly your teeth start to align depends partly on the treatment and on your own unique situation. Depending on the teeth, some people can experience movement relatively quickly. We always say it’s not a race: just stick to the program and you will see results.

Can you get braces with dental implants?

Yes, you can. But please bear in mind that dental implants cannot be moved, so it’s better to get braces before implants.

Dental braces before and after pictures

You can see plenty of before and after photos of adult dental braces on our website. These are our own clients, who we’ve worked with to achieve straighter teeth and beautiful smiles.

Puredental is a Platinum Provider of Invisalign, and a lot of our work orthodontic revolves around this solution:

How do the different types of dental braces work?

Below you can see some of the best known dental braces solutions work in more detail.

How Invisalign works

How FastBraces works

How Inman Aligner works

About our dental braces for adults

Puredental offers a range of affordable dental braces for adults, teens, and children. We work with top brands who offer quality products. There is no age limit, but you will need to be assessed in order to check if the treatment is suitable for you.

Once you get started on your treatment, we will explain the stages involved and the duration of your treatment (i.e. how long your braces should be worn for).

Before you know it, you’ll be joining our clients and their beautiful smiles with your own.

When it comes to prices, there may be a discount we can offer on certain treatments (please contact us for me information). We also have a membership available and payment plans, as well as 0% finance on a range of treatments.

Pop into any of our dental clinics in Liverpool at Rodney Street or Allerton road, or pop into our Southport dental clinic in Eastbank Street for more information, or call us now 0151 722 0884.