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Demand is increasing for Non-Destructive Testing. Bloomberg put out a Press Release in February 2020 that stated “The global non-destructive testing market size is expected to reach USD 24.3 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 6.5%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the forecast period.” This is not really surprising to us.  Now the big industry reports will break down the main things like where the growth is happening, companies driving the growth, etc. What we want to do is break down why the demand is increasing for Non-Destructive Testing, then we want to challenge you to look at your own testing protocols. We want to look at how non-destructive testing can affect your company, large or small.

First, let’s step back and make sure we are all clear about what Non-Destructive Testing is. Non-Destructive Testing is a set of testing methods that finds the properties of a material, components, or structure for defects and critical failures of a material without damaging the component.

One of the main key drivers of why the demand for non-destructive testing over destructive testing is increasing is in the definition itself. That would be the ‘without damaging the component’ part. Since substances are not damaged by Non-Destructive Testing, they can continue to be used. That means less wasted samples. Less waste means less cost. Also, because you do not have to take samples, send it to a lab and wait for results, that means less downtime and a sped-up testing process. Less downtime translates to less cost.

Another key driver is that because the testing does not alter the substance being tested, it can provide a more comprehensive approach to testing overall components. This comprehensive approach can also be applied at multiple stages of development and construction, allowing manufacturers to identify and repair or replace problem pieces before production or construction is completed. Non-destructive testing even allows you to test after production completion. Because of these comprehensive approaches and techniques, there is a decreased chance that any structural defects will go unnoticed. That means less chance of after-production of construction failures saving your company time and money.

When you look at the benefits and drivers of demand for non-destructive testing and testing supplies, it’s not hard to see why demand is on the rise. Increased productivity, lower costs, less downtime, and decreased chances of failures are all reasons why the demand for non-destructive testing is on the rise. From here, if you’re involved in production or construction development, or even quality control, we want to challenge you to review your own testing protocols. If you would like more information on non-destructive testing, we suggest you read our post, 3 Common Forms of Non-Destructive Testing. Are you currently using non-destructive testing? If not, would it be helpful to include or switch to this form of testing?


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