Delos Shipping is excited to provide marine leasing and selling services to oil and gas tankers, as well as the shipping industry, throughout the Gulf Coast area.


Dallas, TX, January 13, 2021- Delos Shipping is proud to announce that it serves the oil tanker, gas tanker, and shipping industry in Texas.

Delos Shipping, a Dallas-based marine vessel provider, is excited to provide marine leasing and selling services to the oil and gas tanker market, as well as the shipping industry, throughout the Gulf Coast area.

Delos Shipping explains that “Delos seeks to invest the capital of its principals and its partners into the shipping industry. Delos uses its extensive experience in the shipping industry, including building and selling a fleet of 52 vessels, to identify the appropriate acquisition candidates.”

Delos Shipping provides a wide variety of services and products to help improve the oil, gas, and cruise ship industries, which are all offered on its website at

Delos Shipping continues to state that, “Delos is seeking to purchase distressed loans, corporations, partnerships and assets in the maritime industry. Delos is [also] seeking 5-25 year sale-leasebacks on all maritime asset types with credit ratings (implied or actual ratings) from CCC to AA. [Additionally], Delos is seeking opportunistic acquisition opportunities in dry bulk, container vessels, and tankers.”

With so many industrial shipping, oil, and gas companies in Texas, it can be difficult for business owners to know who to trust. That’s where Delos Shipping comes in. With a focus on quality equipment and customer service, Delos Shipping’s services are guaranteed to get you the marine vessel you need to succeed.

Interested in merchant banking services?

According to Delos Shipping, “Delos can provide your company bespoke merchant banking services, including investing [alongside] management, management recapitalizations, acquisition financing, and financing and acquisition advice. Delos has been instrumental in the IPO of a NASDAQ-listed shipping company, and has bought and sold over 58 vessels since inception.”

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, “Blackstone Group LP (BX:US), J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Oaktree Capital Group LLC (OAK:US), Tennenbaum Capital Partners LLC and Delos Shipping are among firms buying new and used German vessels and taking stakes in German shipping companies that need financial backing. They are replacing mostly private investors that for decades participated as limited partners in German ships.”

About its role in this transaction, Delos Shipping shares that “about 3,000 vessels are financed by banks and private investors in Germany, so this is the size of the market we are looking at.”

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About Delos Shipping: Delos Shipping is a marine vessel provider that is based out of Dallas, Texas and was founded in 2007.

Official Delos Shipping Mission Statement: “More than anything, Delos Shipping has been committed to the shipping industry since 2007, and offers investors unrivaled access, confident strategy and strong guidance – combined to create an ocean of safe, high quality investment experiences.”

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