Seattle, WA, April 21, 2020 – Businesses across America are “all hands on deck” as we face an unprecedented time in our history and many general contractors and companies, such as Datum Tech Solutions, a nation-wide reseller of surveying equipment and construction software is stepping up to the plate. 

“We would like to do our part by offering free 3D, dimensionally accurate data of environments in consideration of temporary medical facilities logistics. Scanning, post-processing, and delivering usable data to field personnel,” announced Bob Rice, General Manager of Datum Tech Solutions.

Capturing these 3D environments in high definition while maintaining spatial accuracy makes it possible to build temporary medical facilities within specific tolerances. It’s an important step to providing more healthcare resources to patients. 

Quick and responsive, the Datum Tech Solutions team is prepared for these uncertain times. They guarantee to get the job done quickly by utilizing revolutionary scanning industry technologies like the RTC360 (an accurate laser/camera on a tripod) and the BLK2GO (a handheld laser/camera for quick mapping).

Social Distancing Safety 

Health and construction professionals agree it’s best to maintain social distancing routines even while conducting essential business such as construction. Datum Tech Solutions has limited-interaction models that fit perfectly into any safety plan. 

Datum Tech Solutions has long been a leader in the BIM (building information modeling) industry. By offering clients customizable equipment packages and providing renowned training programs that fit an organization’s job-specific needs, Datum Tech Solutions provides clients with the understanding needed for long-term success.

Now, with the need to limit human interactions, Datum Tech Solutions has the equipment and professionals to provide a turnkey surveying solution.

How it Works

Contact Datum Tech Solutions and they will deploy a team of two professionals to the site. The scanning, geotagging and processing can take up to three days to complete. However, one-day turn arounds are possible. 

Rapid scanning is performed, and the post-processing of those results are in a high definition, digital version of that space. Visually and dimensionally the data is accurate and compatible for viewing on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

A virtual mapping of the site enables planning for bed space, hospital equipment, ingress, and egress, etc. Datum Tech Solutions is equipped for drone footage from above as well, if needed.

Why Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanners can capture every detailed measurement of a surface in a fraction of the time it would take to measure using conventional tools. The scan is then imported into CAD software for modeling scenarios.

How to Contact

During these times of uncertainty, Datum Tech Solutions is providing an answer. Whether mapping out temporary medical facilities or helping on other projects, you can learn more about the turnkey scanning solutions and contact them today.

Media Contact

Kaitlin McMillan
12730 28th Ave NE
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