Dan Ben-Nun, the #1 growth hacker and digital marketing expert, is helping e-commerce brands to rapidly scale. He offers expert ecommerce marketing services and shares his secrets behind growing traffic and revenue through his advertising blogs.  


Austin, TX, September 29, 2021 – What’s the story behind Dan Ben-Nun, the #1 growth hacker and digital marketing expert? How did he end up helping hundreds of companies excel at digital marketing? It all started at the young age of 13 when Dan used his drive and creativity to begin independently designing and creating websites. During his high-school years, Dan continued his quest towards digital marketing and became a self-taught designer and website coder. He also started his first business in high school, called Concept Car Audio, selling car audio equipment to friends and classmates. Dan utilized his social connections to sell car audio equipment online, seizing on the interest he noticed in his target audience. 

In college, Dan launched multiple startups right for his UC Berkeley dorm room. He began generating an income to support himself through affiliate marketing when not attending classes. That expertise helped him sell his first internet startup after college. He soon became immersed in digital marketing soaking up all of the knowledge he could and developing a full-service agency called Prescience. Dan expanded beyond affiliate marketing to offer SEO, PPC, web design development, and other offerings to create a full menu of services. Using performance marketing and other techniques, Dan’s agency helped high-gross start-ups reach their customer acquisition and revenue objectives.

In 2012, Dan started an eCommerce site called inkkas.com. This brand was inspired by Dan’s visit to South America where he noticed the talented local artisans creating handmade shoes. He created the site to give the world access to this uniquely made footwear. The brand was launched within weeks and his new business was born. Inkkas quickly went viral and rapidly began sourcing inventory from Peru, shipping it all over the world. 

Through a Kickstarter and performance marketing, Dan scaled inkkas to success rapidly. This impressive rate of growth led to the brand being featured on the national TV show, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. The host, Lemonis, was so impressed that he not only invested in the brand but also hired Dan on to work at his own company, Camping World. Dan worked with him for several years before being named the VP of Marketing for his fashion group. Then, in 2016, Lemonis acquired inkkas and Dan stayed on board for the transition before moving on to work for a marketing agency working with Fortune 500 clients.

Dan led the marketing team at his new agency while completing his MBA coursework at the high-ranking University of Texas. During this time, he also consulted with eCommerce brands using his years of expertise. He assisted these brands in implementing growth and customer acquisition strategies. After completing his graduate degree, Dan launched his site DanBenNun.com. Working with successful clients like Koala.com, Ruggable.com, and many of INC’s Top 500 brands, he helps them take their eCommerce businesses to even greater heights. 

Dan has developed and refined his own unique methodology over his 15 years of digital marketing experience. He’s named it The Five Pillars of eCommerce. This allows him to evaluate his clients in five key areas and helping them optimize these areas. With improvement to these specific areas, his clients see measurable and noticeable results. These areas include:

  • Product Market Fit
  • Site Experience
  • Acquisition 
  • Lifecycle
  • Reporting and Analytics

As a growth marketing expert, Dan is committed to helping each company that he works with find the levers and opportunities for growth. By auditing the current strategies and finding any gaps within the Five Pillar methodology, Dan constructs and implements a detailed strategic plan with measurable objectives.

As he perceives it, the world is changing, and it’s important to acknowledge that certain long-held beliefs should be re-examined. That is why through his marketing experience, Dan Ben-Nun developed these infallible techniques. Now, he is offering these on his website as e-commerce marketing services, that are available for anyone that wants to grow his online business. 

Are you frustrated with trying to increase your site traffic or do you feel lost regarding how to drive new customers into your website? Try the unlocked keys that he had master through the years and have helped around 120 projects and 246 clients all over the world:

  • PPC advertising on Facebook, Google, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, and Snapchat.
  • SEO and local SEO: The key to success in achieving more web traffic.
  • Conversion Optimization: This can translate into a 10x increase in your online revenue.
  • Email Marketing: Using proven mail marketing tactics and crafting compelling emails that will turn your subscribers into lifelong customers.
  • Customer Research & Analysis: As a targeting tool, to understand who’s are most valuable to acquire in the long term.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Achieving the transparency and accountability necessary to create accurate milestones and execute a cohesive strategy.

And if you’re willing to learn more about the secrets behind effective digital advertising, you might want to check his advertising blogs. These are dedicated to revealing Dan’s most effective tactics that will help you grow your traffic and revenue. By finding articles as How to Source Your Products to Sell Online, 13 Must-Know Tips For Your Online Business Success, and How to Create, Launch & Showcase Your Online Business, you’ll find the needed strategies to drastically increase your online revenue.

So if you’re ready to boost your e-commerce brand, visit https://www.danbennun.com/ the one-stop-shop for your full-service marketing and consulting needs. See firsthand how Dan helps brands rapidly scale through innovative digital marketing.

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