Damien Coughlan is having his busiest year to date. With the global pandemic, more and more businesses are seeking his expertise to move their business online. Learn more at damiencoughlan.com


Phoenix, AZ, October 21, 2020- Damien Coughlan, also known as the Irish Marketer, is a former senior business analyst for Apple with over 10 years of corporate experience. He is using his experience to help businesses grow in their eCommerce. He is a seven-figure eCommerce entrepreneur, owns an eCommerce agency, and is a Shopify expert. 

In these crazy economic times where brick-and-mortar businesses are shutting down and huge retailers are facing losing millions, the eCommerce industry has instead been facing a massive spike in sales and revenues. 

“Damien has 1000’s of students that are learning eCommerce through his online programs and free daily programs,” says a spokesperson for Damien Coughlan. “He also helps businesses build their presence online through digital marketing. Damien also hosts weekly free training in his FREE online groups.”

Coughlan is one of the top 10 eCommerce entrepreneurs helping those to be successful in their own business ventures during the current recession. He is helping companies that are struggling to transition from in-store to online to keep up with the times.

“The current world and economic situation are cause for concern to many people. Yes there are restrictions but people still need to survive, consume, and shop. More and more people are using local delivery and are purchasing products online, instead of risking a trip to their local shopping malls…” says Damien Coughlan. “Join me for my free training and learning if you think eCommerce is a good fit for you.”

He uses his degrees in eCommerce and Marketing, along with his experience in Corporate America to spread the wealth of knowledge to anyone who wants to improve their business strategy. This Irish eCommerce entrepreneur is helping businesses to scale to $50k+ per month.

With Coughlan’s ECOMGRADUATE course, you will learn how to use Shopify to benefit your online business. With the program, you will be able to start a highly profitable or improve your current trade.

“Damien has spoken at a number of conferences and always enjoy collaborating with like-minded individuals,” says a spokesperson for Damien Coughlan. “He has also delivered keynote speeches at Apple, Inc. during his time in Silicon Valley learning how to present at the highest of levels.”

Damien Coughlan has what it takes to help you get your business off the ground. Learn more at damiencoughlan.com.

About Damien G. Coughlan: Born and raised in Ireland, Damien received the opportunity to work in the United States. After 7 years in a corporate job, he left to pursue a personal goal of becoming an entrepreneur. He found himself wanting more out of life. He has ten years of experience in corporate America, in addition to a 4-year marketing degree and a 2-year eCommerce degree. 

Inspired by Steve Jobs, he has created multiple successful eCommerce businesses. He has mentored and educated hundreds of students via his ECOMGRADUATE program. Coughlan’s mission is to inspire and help 10,000 individuals to build their online businesses. His goal is to travel the world while making a positive impact and spreading the word about entrepreneurship.

Contact Information:

Name: Damien G. Coughlan
Address: 20235 N.Cave Creek Road Suite 104-167 Phoenix, AZ 85024
Phone: 415-747-7946
Website: https://www.damiencoughlan.com/
Email: [email protected]