Have you recently divorced your wife? Regardless of the reason for the divorce, the transition to being single is difficult. The process is even harder if you have children and plan on co-parenting. Dad Starting Over is a website dedicated to helping recently divorced men retake their lives. It offers articles, podcasts, books, and one-on-one counseling opportunities. Site topics include sex, self-improvement, dating, relationships, and divorce. DSO recently relaunched its #1 Amazon new release, “The Dead Bedroom Fix,” which is a guide for couples to improve their relationship. This book is updated with new reader stories and sections. Learn more or order the book today at dadstartingover.com. 


Bardstown, KY — October 12, 2020 — Hearing that your wife wants a divorce or discovering marriage infidelity is a nightmare no man wants to go through. Dad Starting Over is a website full of resources for men whose lives were just turned upside down.

The national divorce rate in 2020 is 39%. It’s dropped significantly over the last four decades but the truth is fewer young people are getting married. Maintaining a healthy and happy marriage can be challenging. 

Dad Starting Over (DSO) provides support for recently divorced men with articles, podcasts, books, and one-on-one coaching opportunities. Featured topics include sex, self-improvement, dating, relationships, and divorce.

The website recently relaunched a new book called, “The Dead Bedroom Fix.” It was a #1 Amazon new release and an updated 2020 edition is now available. Dead Bedroom discusses a common issue among couples where for whatever reason they stop having sex. 

Dead Bedroom’s updated edition includes new sections, new reader stories, updated FAQs, and a longer audiobook recording. 

Most couples experience a passionate “honeymoon phase” but it quickly fades as the stresses of life and new children take over. This is a pivotal moment where couples can work on their intimacy or watch as their marriages crumble. 

Podcasts published by DSO explore the concept of neediness, the perspective of a cheating wife, marriage counseling tips, and red flags about when your marriage is in trouble. 

DSO coaching is done in one, three, or five-session increments (each one hour) over Zoom or Skype. The coach will provide their experienced opinion and there will be actionable steps to take after each session. 

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ABOUT DAD STARTING OVER: Dad Starting Over’s story is not an unusual one. It speaks to millions of grown men all over the world whose life was turned upside down when their wife asks for a divorce or commits infidelity. Their life goes from innocent and comfortable to scary and uncertain. They need to hit a restart button and redefine what it means to be a man in today’s world. The DSO website offers articles, podcasts, books, and even one-on-one coaching to help men adjust to divorce and take their lives back. Learn more at dadstartingover.com. 

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