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  • Reputation Systems
  •  Online Identity
  • Technology Exposed
  • Compromised Users
  • Compromised Services
  • Leaked Documents

Cyber Immunity Score is measure of online risk posture through risky information available online (organizations/users) and exposed vulnerabilities. Data available in the public domain which might reveal interesting information about your organization / users is of higher importance for a typical hacker. Indicators of risky information can be of more than 100 different types. We crawl through the internet for these indicators online to rate them in full report. We further correlate these indicators to confirm risk based on possibility of hackable information.

We also scan through your IT for vulnerabilities that are already online and correlate the immanent technological threat. A rare combination of identifying information risk that is passively available on internet along with active information that could be emitted through your organization IT services or your users.

Cyber Immunity Score

  • Protection
  • CIScore


Cyber Security < Information Security > Digital Security

Cyber Security is naturally considered to be dealing with your own IT assets. It’s your organizations IT assets along with the services online. Most of the products that you see your IT guys working for email, firewall, network, servers and so on in real world are cyber security products.

Digital security is to be dealing with organizations digital footprint. Digital security is more often dealing with PII, Privacy, IP Protection and so on. There are advanced products in the marketplace to control the digital footprint. But mostly digital security is more often a strategy not just a product alone. Like, GRC, COBIT, SABSA, GDPR and so on.

Information security is the grey area between your assets and digital footprint. If you are wondering why you have not been notified of a product in this sector, it’s not your fault. There is officially not a single product that can give you confined definition of information security standards.