April 13, 2020, Munich, DE: More people are integrating healing crystals into their daily lives. Crystals are perfect tools for meditation and people also love wearing crystals for protection. Those who are new to crystal healing may struggle using crystals and may not know the powers of different crystals and which ones they should choose.

This is where comes in. Ever since 2012, they have been one of the leading crystal resources in the world. They offer a comprehensive blog as well as books devoted to crystals, chakras, birthstones, and more. This website continues to flourish every year, offering more educational material for first-time crystal users and anyone else expanding their knowledge in crystal healing.

If you’re looking for a one-stop crystal resource guide, just released A Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals. This guidebook explains everything — the history of healing crystals, the most prominent crystals and their healing powers, and how crystal healing can improve your life.

This guide is not only for beginners. Experienced healers can read this book and better understand healing crystals and how to use them. The book also explains chakras, different crystal meditation techniques, and even how to care for your crystals.

The first lesson they cover is the history of healing crystals, how they work, and the most common crystals used. Crystals have been around for tens of thousands of years and many ancient human civilizations used crystals for several purposes. Some crystals were recognized for their power, relieving negativity and promoting healing. Many cultures also identified the different energies and frequencies that each unique crystal holds.

The guide also uncovers the science behind crystals. Crystals are created under the earth’s crust; the minerals experience severe pressure, resulting in beautiful crystals. The crystals hold onto this pressure, surrounding the individual with different energy waves and frequencies. When you meditate with crystals or when you simply wear them, your body can recognize the unique frequencies they produce. This is why many crystals heal you in different ways — from reducing anxiety to relieving pain.

There are several crystals and each has different properties. Many meditate with crystals for healing, but crystals can be used for guidance to address issues such as love, career, and even prosperity. You can also meditate with your birthstone; the guide offers a comprehensive look at birthstones and why meditating with your birthstone is beneficial.

About is the definitive resource for crystals and is one of the leading educational resources for crystal and healing enthusiasts. This website releases lots of educational media, articles, and other types of content about crystals and their healing powers.

Some of the topics they cover include different healing crystals, the powers they hold, and how to use them. They also help individuals find their perfect healing crystal or can recommend several to try. They also serve as a community for those interested in spirituality, metaphysical, and Reiki.

Never substitute the information on the website for medical advice.

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