With the growing popularity of crystal healing as an alternative form of therapy, Crystal Lover’s Haven has launched a set of healing crystals, crystal carvings, and jewelry. Founded by a Certified Crystal Healer, Evonne, the online store has a range of crystals such as Labradorites, Green Aventurines, and Clear Quartz. Learn more here.


Galloway, OH, January 27, 2022– Many people have embraced the use of crystals as an alternative healing process. Several celebrities, such as Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow, have disclosed how they improve their quality of life by using crystal healing which has encouraged more individuals to tap into the benefits of these well-organized solids. Being a Certified Crystal Healer Healer and Reiki Level 2 Master motivates Evonne to help others live a fulfilling life by teaching them how to use these crystals.

Crystal Lover’s Haven is a website dedicated to crystal lovers, where they can buy a range of healing crystals, crystal-inspired jewelry, and crystal carvings. Clients can choose from a range of crystals, including Labradorites, Angel crystals, Angel Aura Rose Quartzes, Sodalites, Prehnites, Pink Amethysts, Green aventurines, Rhodonites, and Green Jades. Celebrities like David Spade have purchased some from Crystal Lover’s Haven and loves the collection and the improvements they’ve made in his life.

“I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher and a Certified Crystal Healer. I  belong to the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, certified to teach and sell crystals. My goal is to help others live fulfilling lives, and my store reflects the good things I find. My blog teaches on the various crystals available and their benefits. I am a second-level Reiki Master, providing alternative healing sessions to my clients,” said Evonne, owner at Crystal Lover’s Haven.

These beautiful Crystals are a fantastic gift idea for most occasions. Crystal Lover’s Haven has made gifting more exciting by offering crystal-inspired jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and neckpieces. The crystal carvings also provide an artistic look to art-loving individuals with popular ones, including crystal towers, kitty carvings, unicorn carvings, and crystal fairies.

“I provide therapy services as well as retail goods that improve the lives of others. My positive and silly ways keep people at ease, which helps me connect with my clients. At Crystal Lover’s Haven, we bond, have fun, heal and enjoy the beauty of life. I want to sell through fun and impact through the products I sell. My long-term vision is to aid and support the community and service groups through direct funding and donations,” added Evonne.

Crystal lovers Haven is the one-stop-shop for crystal-related products, teachings, and fun for crystal enthusiasts. Crystals have several benefits, and celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Jenna Dewan, The Kardashians, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and several supermodels have occasionally shown us how these nuggets make their lives better.

You can send Evonne direct messages through her Etsy store if you have further inquiries.

About Crystal Lover’s Haven

Crystal Lover’s Haven is an online store that sells crystals, crystal-inspired jewelry, and crystal carvings. Evonne, a Certified Crystal Healer and member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, founded the site to offer beautiful crystals to clients alongside teachings through her blog. Her crystals are ethically sourced, and cleansed and blessed with Reiki light. Evonne has also attended numerous social and philanthropic events in Hollywood, and has even worked with Steven Spielberg’s staff on his movie props direct sales. Her mission is to teach and help people live better and more fulfilling lives through alternative healing. She is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor, Wheelchair Certified Yoga Instructor, and second level Reiki Master.

Contact information

Name: Evonne
Organization: Crystal Lover’s Haven
Address: 350 Ruffin Drive
Phone: 614-364-2228
Website: https://www.crystallovershaven.com/