Cheyenne, WY, May 5, 2022— Lee Rider, otherwise known as the Crypto Didact is most significantly known for the creation of the Spiral Guide Algorithm (SGA). It is a low noise, un-bounded, oscillating cycle indicator designed to capture state change within a nonGaussian distribution. The idea, design, and application of the Spiral Guide Algorithm is rooted in the first principles from four core areas of study; Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Complex Systems Theory, Game Theory, Auction Theory.

Lee has been involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2009 when he read the white paper for Bitcoin, and obtained his first BTC by spinning up a nodeJS server because there were no exchanges at the time. This led him to creating the SGA based on the principles of what Richard Dennis accomplished with the stock market in the 1970’s. Richard’s “turtle trading” strategy is widely known as one of the most impressive trading experiments in history. Lee was able to create a set of market rules and guides, modeled after the “turtle traders” to help make better trades. Instead of holding onto a cryptocurrency too long, the SGA will pull you out of the trade. It can be implemented on screen as an indicator, or also executed as a bot. So far, Lee has outperformed buy and hold in the market with significantly less drawdown or risk.

The Crypto Didact created this algorithm with the vision to aid others in their adventures through the crypto universe. Lee, along with others at Blue Edge Financial produce training content focused on actionable ideas with defined alpha. Spiral Guide Algorithm implies what’s known as trading the edge rather than focusing on averages. Based on historical data, positive feedback drives large changes, so targeting edges can create the best chance at capturing a large change in the distribution.

Apart from the technical side, the two biggest drivers for success that are not situation dependent are; learning to be patient, and developing great mental models. “As humans, our brains are actually quite bad at thinking, and we are tricking ourselves all the time without realizing it. When this happens in trading it can be incredibly costly and even prevent success from ever coming to fruition.” Lee remains confident that the SGA will continue to help people develop their skills while remaining calm in the face of big trades. To learn more about the Spiral Guide Algorithm, visit: Blue Edge Financial.

About Blue Edge Financial: At Blue Edge Crypto, we are the best one-stop-shop for retail crypto investors and traders. Our bespoke trading tools are backed by data and have a proven edge. We produce training and content focused on actionable ideas with defined alpha. Our users’ success is the ultimate goal, and we aim to have an extremely tight feedback loop to always be on the cutting edge pivoting into whatever they need to be successful.

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