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Only 50% of businesses survive their first five years¹, and those that survive credit their success to making the most out of their business opportunities.

And speaking of such opportunities, cryotherapy and biohacking are both great examples of what investors should look into in 2021.

The short difference between them is that while cryotherapy uses cold air techniques, biohacking applies stimuli to make the muscles, vessels, and organs work more efficiently.

With the promise of a better life the two can open up various opportunities for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

Here are some worthwhile suggestions you can consider when incorporating cryotherapy and biohacking.

Top Ideas for Incorporating Cryotherapy and Biohacking

Health and Fitness

If you own a gym, spa, or massage parlor, adding a cryotherapy or biohacking center to your business can be a great addition to your revenue stream.

Biohacking offers your clients a way to keep their bodies efficient and fit by exposing the customer to the right stimuli.

A cryotherapy machine, on the other hand, offers full body recovery that is most effective after a vigorous exercise routine.

You can also increase your revenue streams by cross-selling and up-selling the two services.

Medical Facilities

Cryotherapy and biohacking are also relevant to medical facilities, including chiropractic, rheumatology, orthopedic, and recovery centers.

The two technologies can offer useful services to these facilities’ clients, providing you with an easier way to market your services.²

On one hand, biohacking is used to help patients fight cardiovascular diseases, and even cancer, diabetes, and other prevalent conditions.

On the other hand, cryotherapy or specifically, the use of a cryo chamber is used in medicine, sports recovery, and even mental health.

And with further research, more applications for the two will open up in medicine and other areas as well.

It’s important to note that both whole body cryotherapy and biohacking do not yet have the approval of FDA.

However, these technologies are providing doctors and medical practitioners with a new option of alleviating pain and treating diseases.


The potential of mixing cryotherapy and biohacking is pure disruptive.

Just a couple of decades ago the use of such technologies in everyday problems was mere fantasy.

Over the last few years, however, there has been a lot of progress in new applications, increasing their use globally.

Research facilities can benefit from the popularity and acceptance of these methods by increasing their focus on improving their usability.

This opens the doors to the discovery of more effortless ways to use these technologies, and various fields in which they can be applied.

Business Opportunities in Cryotherapy and Biohacking

A business’ ability to adapt quickly and effectively in today’s world translates to its success or failure.

Companies that adopt new technology and implement them successfully can fight competition and build credible brands, ensuring their survival.

Cryotherapy and biohacking are two of the most popular new applications today.

Firms with interests in health and fitness, medicine, and research can incorporate the tech into their businesses in the above ways.

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