Tampa, FL, June 23, 2020 — If you’ve worked in an agency or a marketing department, you’ve probably been there, utilizing a whiteboard or a Google Doc with your whole creative team, brainstorming the first version of a creative piece before sharing it with the client or passing on to the development team to bring the project to life. A local Tampa creative team recognized there was a solution to this challenge while teams are working strictly remote, and decided to take matters into their own hands. Check out their website here

“With teams going remote, there’s a need for virtual whiteboard style collaboration for digital and creative workflows,” David Capece, CEO of CROOW said. “Just as CROOW brings the collaborative experience to the creative review process, we’ve created a virtual smart whiteboard experience for wireframing that helps digital and creative teams keep projects moving.”

The new wireframing tool, which was just launched within the platform on June 15th, will allow the entire creative team to work together on wireframing projects in real-time. The CROOW development team worked tirelessly to create an easy-to-use tool with
pre-populated design elements with a “build your own” option as well. This tool streamlines the wireframing process, avoiding any wasted time transferring documents or transcribing anything. Plus, you can get started with two clicks – no download required.

“CROOW was built to empower diverse and remote teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently,” says Capece. “In celebration of our first year birthday this June, we are granting CROOW premium access for free for the next 6 months so that all teams can collaborate freely with one another. Just use the code RemoteCollaboration during the month of June for teams of up to 25.”

About CROOW — CROOW, Inc. is a SAAS platform that enables agencies, marketing teams, creatives, and freelancers to work smarter and faster so that teams can achieve higher quality more efficiently. CROOW was launched in 2019 by a Tampa based product innovation team. The platform has been highlighted by Tampa Bay Inno as a great way to simplify remote collaboration, and you can read more about that here

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